SAT Test Fees

Can You Avail a SAT Fee Waiver?

How Much Does the SAT Cost?

Much have been known about the SAT and its popularity among the admission officers of the colleges and institutions. The SAT scores serve as a dependable indicator of your college-readiness and your capability to handle higher courses in the colleges. The SAT is a standardized exam for you, to get an admission in the colleges and academic institutions of your dreams and follow your dreams and aims. The SAT is offered seven times in the US and US territories. It is offered six times in international locations. The SAT has a nominal fee for its administration. The SAT test fees are $49 and $22 for the SAT Reasoning and the SAT Subject Test, respectively. If you opt for the Language with Listening tests, you need to add $22 and for all the other Subject Tests, you have to add $11.

What Are the Additional Fees for SAT?

There are some additional processing SAT test fees. If you have already registered for SAT before and want to take SAT again, you can register through phone. The additional SAT test fees for phone registration are $15. On the other hand, if you like to change the date of the SAT test, test center or the test, then you need to pay $25 more. In case you register late, you need to pay $26 in addition to the basic SAT test fees. Finally, there are two more types of processing fees. First, for standby testing, you have to pay $43 over the basic SAT test fees. Second, you have to pay $29 more for International processing of your SAT registration and $24 more for security surcharge in India and Pakistan.

What Are the Charges for Receiving and Sending SAT Scores?

There are no charges for receiving scores in mail or online. However, a charge of $15 is made for receiving scores over the phone, per call. For sending scores, you do not have to pay for up to four colleges of your choice. However, if you send your scores to more than four colleges, you have to pay a score report fee of $10.50 per report and $30 for requesting to rush your reports.

Are There Any More Types of SAT Test Fee?

The above-mentioned SAT test fees are the standard fees for the test. However, there are more types of SAT test fees in certain cases. For example, you will have to pay $13.50 if you are availing the Student Answer Service, which provides a quality control of the test evaluation. This fee is refundable in case you are absent on the test day. You will have to pay $18 if you are opting for the Question-And-Answer Service. There are also specific SAT test fees for additional services like multiple-choice hand score verification ($55), essay score verification ($55) and refund of processing fee in case of extra or duplicate payments ($7).

When Can a Test-Taker be Eligible for SAT Fee-Waiver?

The SAT administrators have kept open a platform for fee-waiver of the SAT test fees. Those test-takers belonging to lower-income groups can avail the fee waiver. The fee-waiver covers the cost of regular registration SAT test fees, the international processing fees, the surcharge for India and Pakistan for US test-takers testing overseas. The eligibility of a student for the fee-waiver service can be determined after consulting the reduced lunch guidelines.

  1. The table for reduced lunch program is given below:

    Household Size

    Annual Income













  2. For a household size of more than six, one has to take the difference of the increase in the annual income generated from five to six dependants and enforce the income increase each of the additional dependants.
  3. Other criteria includes that the student is:
    1. a member of a family under the care of public assistance
    2. a resident under federally subsidized public housing project
    3. a resident in a foster home
    4. a pupil in a program dedicated for the economically less-privileged

The above discussion shows the SAT test fees in details. It gives the exact and appropriate amount a you have to pay for taking SAT and the amount you need to pay for additional services. Moreover, you also get the procedure to avail the fee-waiver facilities, which will be applicable to you if you are eligible for it. Therefore, now that you know about the SAT test fees, you can easily start registering for SAT.

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