SAT Test Exam

SAT Test Question Categories Explained

What Is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized exam for the students to get an admission in one of the most elite colleges in the US and elsewhere round the globe. The SAT is administered seven times in a year in the US and six times in international testing centers. The SAT test exam contains 10 sections which evaluate the test-takers’ ability to apply the knowledge gained in their high-school education in real life. The SAT test exam deals with the test-taker’s ability in critical reading, math and writing. It has been administered for more than the last eight decades. The admission officers at the colleges and insititutions consider the SAT test score as a viable criterion for admission in their colleges. The SAT opens a host of opportunities and chances for the students to achieve their life’s dreams and goals. It is structured in a way so to bring out the best in the test-taker. College Board is the official website for SAT, through which you can check out the ins and outs of the SAT exam and register for the test. In the following, you shall find out more about this exam.

How Are the SAT Sections Divided?

The SAT test exam consists of ten sections, which bases itself on Critical Reading, Math and Writing. Each of these topics consists of three sections. The last section is the variable section, which is based on any of these three topics. The SAT test exam has a duration of 3 hours 45 minutes. In the following, let us see what each of these sections has in them.

  1. Critical Reading: in this section, the test-taker displays his skills in sentence completion, paragraph improvement and identifying sentence errors. The test-taker also has to detect the meaning of words based on the context. The test-taker gets 70 minutes for this section.
  2. Mathematics: in this section, the test-taker needs to show his knowledge at simple mathematical concepts like numbers and operation, algebra and functions, geometry and measurement and data analysis, statistic and probability. This section has 70 minutes for itself.
  3. Writing: in this section, the test-taker has to form an opinion and compose an essay, based on his understanding, after reading an essay prompt. It lasts for 60 minutes. It also carries questions relating paragraph improvement, sentence correction and improving sentences.
  4. Variable section: in this section, questions are formed based on critical reading, math or writing. This is an un-scored section and also known as the equating section. The time allotted to it is 25 minutes.

What Are the Question Types?

The SAT test exam has different types of questions. Following are the basic question types found in SAT test exam:

  1. Multiple Choice Questions: this is the most basic type of questions, where a question is given followed by five, four or three options to choose from.
  2. Student produced response: this type of questions is given only in the Math section. This question type has no options as the students have to derive the answer from the given question. There is a special grid, where the student can enter his answer, either in whole numbers, fraction or a decimal. However, if you answer wrong, there will be no negative marking.
  3. The essay question: the essay question contains one prompt upon which an assignment is given. You have to base your essay in relation to your opinion and directions provided in the assignment.
  4. Improving sentence questions: a part of the sentence is underlined, followed by options containing phrases. You have to choose the one which best replaces the underlined part.
  5. Identifying sentence errors questions: in here, the sentence is divided into four sections by underlines. You have to choose the part, which is incorrect.
  6. Improving paragraphs: a section of a paragraph is underlined or highlighted, which the test-taker has to edit or revise and organize them into a developed paragraph.

The above-mentioned discussion deals with the sections of the SAT test exam, the formats, the question types and the number of sections contained in it. You should read more from the College Board website to get a better understanding of the SAT test exam.

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