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Useful SAT Test Downloads You Cannot Miss

The SAT test is taken by college applicants around the United States of America as well as around the world in order to be measured for applications to US colleges. checks students for competencies in the disciplines of Critical Reading, Writing and Math. It is essential for a student to be thoroughly prepared before he takes the Thisexamination. Understanding the contents of the exam along with the test practices is essential for a test taker. SAT Test download material is freely available over the internet and also on the Official College Board website.

The Official SAT Guide

This is the Official examination guide that will explain everything you need to know. It is essential that you understand what the different sections and question types are before you start preparing for the exam. This will help you better prepare for the test. The Guide contains practice questions and explanations to every section of the test and also has 10 practice tests and 3 proctored tests with online score reports.

The Official website also provides you with a full length practice exam. This is available as an online test as well as a file to download. You should read the instructions that are provided on the website and print the test. Answers along with key explanations are also available for download. To read more visit:

SAT Test Downloads on the Internet

  • Kaplan has come up with a bundle of tutorials, reviews and quizzes for test takers who wish to study on-the-go. It enables them to study on their 5th generation video iPod, iPod classis or the iPod nano. It is priced at $4.99 and can be downloaded from the iTunes store or visit:

  • The Score Quest is a examination download application that is designed by The Princeton Review for the iPad. It aims at training test takers through mock drills for all the sections. More information is available in iTunes.

  • It is also available for free from Khan Academy through iTunes. The preparation is conducted by way of video tutorials for the iPod that can be downloaded from:

  • A website called provides large amounts of downloads for the Math section of the test. These are available on the website in the form of pdf files and can be saved onto your computer. Math worksheets such as Algebra, Functions, Data Analysis, Equations, Statistics and Probability are available at: Solutions to the worksheets are available at

  • A website called provides students with test materials for different sections. This material is available as various file extensions to suit your preference. This is available at: You will find both chargeable and free test downloads. Some of them are SAT Practice Test 1,2 and 3 and Vocabulary Quiz 1,2,3

Other Materials

Apart from these downloads a lot of preparatory material is available over the internet where students can access online tutorials and take mock tests and receive free evaluations. All you should make sure is that the concepts covered are the same as the syllabus for the test and that the publishers are trustworthy. Apart from that, various downloads and packages are available at a cost and can be downloaded to your device. The key is understanding the subject matter involved and ensuring regular practice so increase familiarization.