SAT Test Deadlines

Registration and Other Deadlines for SAT

SAT Test Dates

The SAT test is an important standardized test that is conducted seven times a year in the U.S and six times a year in international locations. In order to take the test, you need to register for the SAT test on the CollegeBoard website:

The duration between the registration date or deadlines for registration and the actual SAT test is about a month. The SAT test deadlines and dates are mentioned on the website in a tabular format that is easy to understand. The table also includes other information such as the SAT Subject Tests available on that date, the SAT test deadlines for registering for the test, and the late registration date.

The SAT dates are mentioned in the first column, which includes a link to the study plan. Based on the information you provide, such as the test you plan to take (whether SAT test or SAT Subject Test), the number of times you have appeared for the test, and the timeline you have to prepare for the test; the site provides you a study plan to prepare for the test. Remember you can appear either for the SAT test or for the SAT subject test. Make sure that you check the dates on which each test is offered. For example, only the SAT test is offered on March 10, 2012.

SAT Register-By Date

The “Register-By date” is the SAT test deadline date by when you must register for the test. The SAT test deadlines for the future test dates include a link to set a reminder. For future dates, you can set a reminder to remind you to register for the SAT test. For example, the “Remind me to register for the Dec 3 SAT test” requires you to enter your email ID and select the duration from the dropdown box; a week, 3 days, or 1 day before the SAT test deadline.

SAT Late Registration

You can opt for the Late Registration option in case you miss the SAT test deadlines. Late registration is accepted through mail, phone, or online. You can use phone registration only if you have appeared for the SAT test before.

Requesting Changes

The “Changes By” column lists the information you require to modify any information related to the test center, test date, or the subject test you want to change. Usually, you need to request for changes two-three weeks before the test date either by online or by calling customer service. You will need to pay an additional fee for the request. In case you are unable to request for changes before the SAT test deadline, you can still do so by reaching the test center early and checking with the test center supervisor about the availability of making changes.

Standby Registration

The last column is “Register” that tells you that the dates for registration have closed. The column also includes a link that takes you to the standby registration mode. This mode of registration is available for those students who are unable to register in time. You can register for the test through standby registration for an additional fee.

U.S. vs International Deadlines

The registration deadlines for students applying within the U.S. and from international locations are the same. However, students applying from other countries outside the U.S. have an early registration date. International students do not have the option of late registration. All registrations, whether by phone or online must be completed by the international registration deadlines. In case you are a student registering for the SAT test outside the U.S., you must check the availability of the SAT test on a particular date at your location. For example, the SAT test is conducted in March only in the United States; the SAT test will not be conducted on this date in international locations.

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