Importance of SAT Test Dates

If you wish to graduate from a university in the US then you need to consider taking the SAT. SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test is a mandatory test for admissions to most of the US universities. Many universities from other countries also require you to take the SAT test. Therefore, for students taking the SAT it is necessary to know about the SAT testing dates. The SAT test is conducted seven times in a year. It is generally conducted on Saturdays. All SAT test dates are spread throughout the year. There is a gap of about two months between successive SAT tests. If you are planning to join a US university for a particular graduate program then you need to clear the SAT test well in time. In this article we shall see how the knowledge of SAT test dates can help you plan your attempt.

SAT Schedule & SAT test dates 2008

You need to register for the SAT exam first. The SAT exam is conducted by the US based College Board Corporation. You can register by mail, phone or online. The phone registration is only available for the students who are retaking the test. The SAT online registration is the most convenient way of registration. The organizers of the SAT have an official web site You will find complete information about the SAT testing dates here. You will also find all the information regarding the registration of the exam. Once you have registered for the exam, you are sent an exam ticket. You need to produce this ticket on the SAT testing date. This ticket also contains information about the procedure to be followed at the exam center on the SAT test date. The SAT scores are published on the web site after three weeks of the SAT test date. The paper copies of the results are mailed after about a month from the SAT testing date.

Though SAT test dates always fall on Saturdays, the test is also conducted on Sundays for the candidates who cannot take the test on Saturdays due to religious reasons. The registration deadlines for the SAT test dates of 2008 are given below:

Thousands of candidates from around the world apply for the SAT test. It is therefore quite a big job for the organizers to process their application forms, allocate test centers and conduct the exam. Therefore, the SAT test date registration needs to be done well in advance. From the list of SAT test dates of 2008 mentioned above you will observe that the last date of registration for the SAT is about a month before the actual exam. If you miss the normal period of registration then you can register during the late registration period. The SAT test date registration schedule for the US based students is different from that of the international students. If you still miss the registration during the late registration period, then you can take a chance on the SAT test date. You can directly reach the test center well in time and if there is a vacancy then you can be accommodated for that particular attempt. This type of registration is called a standby registration. You will find a complete SAT schedule at the web site

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