SAT Test Dates Fall 2012

Why Should You Take SAT in Fall 2012

The SAT:

The Sat is a standardized exam, administered seven times in US and US territories, and acts as a reliable criterion for measuring the college-readiness of the test-takers. The SAT evaluates a test-taker’s skills in Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The SAT test dates fall 2012 falls mainly in the month of November, December and October 2012. The test-taker is subjected to the SAT test dates and deadlines. The SAT test dates for fall of 2012 has certain importance relating to your admission in colleges and higher courses.

SAT Test Dates for Fall 2012:

There are three probable SAT test dates fall 2012, namely in October, November, and December. The October, November and December SAT test dates fall 2012 offer both the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Test. The Subject Test evaluates your knowledge and expertise in particular subject fields. The regular US registration deadline for the October and November SAT test dates fall 2012 is around the month of September and October 2012 respectively. Late (a fee applies) US registration deadlines are after two weeks from the regular deadline. In case of the December SAT test date, the regular US registration deadline is around the month of November 2012 while the late (a fee applies) US registration deadline will probably be extended to two weeks after the regular November 2012 deadline.

An important thing to note about the SAT test dates fall 2012 is that the College Board conducts the Language with Listening test only in November.

Importance of Taking SAT in Fall 2012:

There are some good reasons for taking SAT in fall of 2012. Following are some reasons why:

  • Most of the schools in the US start their application procedure after fall of each year. Colleges like University of Washington start their admission procedure from the middle of June. The entire process of the college admission usually starts in autumn and ends in the spring, corresponding to the last year of high school. As it will take only 35 days for the SAT result to come out, it is recommended to choose the SAT test dates fall 2012.
  • Depending on your SAT scores, you will get admission in the colleges and institution right after you pass out from high school. This enables you not to waste any time after you pass out high school. This makes the SAT test dates fall 2012 more important.
  • Following the regular SAT test deadlines, you can take the SAT in October in your senior. However, if you are not satisfied with your performance, you can sit for SAT again in November 2012 and probably in December 2012 too, given that the admission deadline of your college is January 2013. However, you should keep a note of taking SAT no later than December as test scores later in the fall might not reach the colleges on time.
  • It is a general tendency to take the SAT in the spring of the junior year. However, if you do not score well and you SAT scores fall below average, you will still have another choice of taking SAT in the fall of the senior year. This will enable you to start college courses from the spring of next year.

The above discussion gives reasons for you to opt for SAT test dates fall 2012. The dominant reason for choosing the test dates in fall is that, the colleges start their admissions mainly in the autumn of each year. The Ivy League schools, Howard, Amherst College, Carleton, Middlebury, Pomona, Wesleyan, Haverford, Williams, Grinnell and Swarthmore are few of the colleges, which start their admission procedure from the autumn of each year. Therefore, without any delay, start your SAT registration and select the SAT test dates fall 2012 for most benefits.

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