SAT Test Dates and Locations

How to select a SAT test location

Where Should You Start Searching for the SAT Test Centers and Test Dates?

The search for SAT test dates and locations is not difficult at all. The College Board has testing centers spread over a wide range all around the U.S. and the globe. The SAT is a popularly accepted test by the admission officers of the colleges and scholarship programs, as it serves as an integral evidence of your college-readiness and your capability to handle higher studies. The SAT reaches out to every test-taker who wishes to work hard to earn his dream and reach the goal of his life. Being true to this quality of SAT, the College Board did not compromise in building up test centers almost everywhere in US and in international locations. Your hunt for the SAT test dates and locations starts from the College Board website through the tool known as the Code Search.

Note: before using the Code Search tool, you need to find out the available testing dates of SAT and in order to find that, you should check the SAT testing dates in the College Board website.

What is the Code Search?

SAT test dates and locations can only be found using the Student’s Code Search Tool. This is the tool, which helps you seek out the test centers and test dates suitable to your location. You just need to provide the basic information like the day of testing of SAT, your country’s name, the state where you belong, etc. and you will instantly get the test center code together with the exact location of the test center near you. The College Board (CEEB) codes or the student’s codes are mandatory for filling up your registration form while registering online.

The student’s search code has drop-down boxes, which varies among the country codes, the college codes, scholarship codes, test center codes, etc. In order to start your search for the SAT test dates and locations, you first need to change the drop-down box’s option to ‘test centers’ and then proceed.

How Will You Use Code Search to Find the Testing Locations?

The code search for your SAT test dates and locations starts with changing the search criteria for codes search ‘by test center’ and then proceeding on to filling up the four drop-down boxes, which appear. Following are the names of the drop-down boxes and instructions about what to do with them:

  1. Test date:

    The first drop-down box of the SAT test code search is the test date. This drop-down box will already have the date of the upcoming SAT test. You need to change this default date to your desired test date. You will find the SAT test dates in the College Board website.

  2. Country:

    This drop-down box contains the name of the country to which you belong. If you are testing from the United States, then simply click on the box and select ‘United Sates’. However, if you belong to any other country, say India, then you have to select ‘India’ from the drop-down box.

  3. State:

    This drop-down box is functional only to those countries, which has a political structure like the US. The US has 50 federal states. The test-taker has to specify to which state he belongs in this drop box menu. In case, other countries have a similar political structure, then students from those countries can select their states. Otherwise, students from countries with different political structure will find this box to be inoperative.

  4. City (optional)

    The last of the drop-down list is the ‘city’. This is the last section you need to fill up before knowing your SAT test dates and locations. You may choose the name of the city where you belong, to make your search narrower and precise. You can, however, keep this drop-down slot vacant.

Finally, as you have filled up all the relevant details about your location, you need to hit the ‘search’ bar to find the SAT test dates and locations. Once the search is over, the website will automatically scroll down to show you the available test centers and the test center codes. This information is relevant while you fill up your admission form online or through paper. The search for the SAT test dates and locations becomes very simple if you follow the above-mentioned steps.

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