SAT Test Dates 2012

When Can You Take SAT in 2012 and 2013?

Testing the knowledge acquired in school and the skills required to get through an undergraduate program, the SAT has long been a trusted indicator for university officials to make informed decisions while granting admissions to students for university programs. There are two kinds of SAT exams, the SAT Reasoning and the SAT Subject Tests. The SAT (Reasoning) is what a large majority of students often take, whereas taking the SAT (subject) test is more or less dependent on the college the student is applying to, because at times colleges need an extra proof of the aspirant’s skill in a particular subject. As taking the SAT is an important and often mandatory requirement for college admission, aspirants need to be extra careful with the SAT test dates. The SAT is administered 7 times in one year, for the general and six times for the subject categories. Read on to know more about the SAT test dates 2012, deadlines, SAT test dates 2012 for SAT (subject) tests, the need to meet the deadlines well in time and about the test score dates as well.

Test dates for 2012

Students often take the SAT for the first time during spring break of their junior year and a second (and probably the last) time during fall of their senior year. Taking it twice makes them aware of the format and puts them into a frame of taking the exam better the second time. As it is a time-based exam, practice is essential. SAT test dates 2012 can be accessed by the students on the SAT official website , where every information about the registration, exam dates, practice materials etc are available. From among the SAT test dates 2012, January 28, 2012 is the first test date of the year. The registration for this closes on December 30, 2011 and in case it gets delayed, last date for registration is January 13, 2012. For international students, the last date is a little earlier on December 20, 2011 for the January 28, 2012 test date. The second date of the year falls on March 10, 2012, but this date is only for the SAT Reasoning Test not the Subject Tests. Deadline for this test is on February 10, 2012 and February 24, with a late fee. The other two dates are in the first weeks of May and June respectively. Not all seven dates for the year 2012 are out yet and for a detailed overview of the SAT test dates 2012 for both SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Tests date list, visit at . This list gives information for candidates both inside and outside of the United States. For an exhaustive list on individual SAT test dates 2012 for the subject tests candidates can visit the official website at .

Importance of deadlines

The $49 fee for the SAT exam may not be very high for many students, but there could be a few to whom this could be a very dear amount. Hence, in order to avoid paying up more, it is necessary for candidates to register in time, within the deadline for a particular exam date from amongst the SAT test dates 2012. If a candidate does not register within the mentioned deadline then he or she will be penalised with late fee and incurring extra expenditure over such mistakes is not a bright thing to do. Although there is an option of a fee waiver as well, on the entire registration amount, but banking on that option and registering late is not advisable. The $49 fee is for the SAT Reasoning Test, the SAT Subject Tests have a different registration fee which includes registration fee, language and listening test fee and different subject test fees depending on the number of subject tests a candidate wishes to sit for. You can learn more about this at

When will the scores be out?

As per the SAT test dates 2012, candidates need to be well aware of the dates when the scores would be released. This is more important for senior year students intending to start college the very same year. Candidates need to be careful which date to pick amongst the SAT test dates 2012, as they would also need to appear for college entrances/interviews and prepare for their college applications as well. If candidates have an active online account with the College Board website, then they can use this for scheduling deadline alerts for the exam date and the deadline date as well as the score release dates. To get a better picture of this have a look at

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