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Things To Keep In Mind Just Before The SAT Test Date

Although a major part of preparation is done when you have studied for it well, there are other things you must not forget before the SAT test date. You should prepare for the final test date a little in advance. This will avoid last minute rushes. Thus you must check your admission ticket and photo ID card. Keep these with you so that you do not forget to take them on the day of the exam. Also you must keep all the other things you would require for the test like calculator, a couple of no. 2 pencils, eraser etc. You should take some sacks and refreshments with you, as you will need them during breaks that you get after every hour. You should have a good night?s sleep a day before the test. This will ensure your being fresh and alert on the SAT test date. Arrange for the means of reaching the SAT test center in advance. You should have a correct judgment of the time it takes to reach the center and leave for the test accordingly.

Making Changes In SAT Test Date

A wrong SAT test date is the one that does not suit you. It is either too early, or too late, or it could clash with another event of equal importance. In that case you will not be able to appear for the test with full preparation and concentration. If you have chosen a wrong SAT test date, it would directly affect your score. You cannot think of getting a good score with a halfhearted effort. Your mind would wander and you will not be able to concentrate. This means even if you are capable of getting a good score, you might end up getting a score that you don?t deserve just because of your carelessness.

That is why you must avoid all other engagements before the test. In case it is not possible to avoid these engagements, you should not spoil your test and must go for changing the SAT test date. This can be done about 2 ? weeks before the test. You are required to pay an additional fee for this purpose.

In case of absence from the test you can resort to another SAT test date. If you miss taking the test due to some unavoidable reasons, you could call the customer service of The College Board in order to transfer the registration to another convenient date.

There is another case when you can choose a different SAT test date. In case you are not able to take the SAT on a Saturday due to some religious beliefs, you could request for Sunday testing. This should be done at the time of registration through a written application explaining your concern.

There is bound to be some anxiety as any test approaches. You cannot get rid of it, but you can certainly reduce it. Instead of getting buried under the pressure of this anxiety and nervousness, you should approach the SAT test date with proper preparation. Just by being a little careful about choosing a date and preparing for the test well, you can shun all the negative feelings attached to the test and enjoy your success.

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