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Benefits of SAT Test Courses

Often baffled by the numerous courses and prep classes available for SAT prep, an applicant has to rely on his own judgement to choose from the many SAT test courses. The premise he bases his judgement on could either be the price of the course, its comprehensiveness in content coverage or mere hearsay. What an applicant needs to keep in his mind when selecting SAT test courses is primarily the benefit that he will receive and whether or not he can sustain the practice modules all through his preparation. There are a number of benefits served by SAT test courses and a few of them are listed below for the convenience of the applicant, along with 3 of the most popular SAT test courses.


To enlist the benefits of SAT test courses is simply like enlisting the advantages of nutritional eating to good health. It is very obvious. SAT test courses primarily aim at lending practice to an applicant and help him strengthen his weak points so that he may perform well in the SAT test. A good SAT test course will give ample time to each section of the SAT exam, namely, critical reading, math and writing, because although the applicant may be very good in one of the sections, practice and honing of skills is still required. Most SAT test courses have full-length exams and practice tests as a part of their curriculum, this familiarises the applicant with test conditions and how he/she performs on a timed test. Other benefits of SAT test courses are group study with applicants who are in the same boat as you as this leads to confidence building and interaction. Sharing of ideas with fellow students might help you improve your prep and your method of appearing for the test. Many SAT test courses offer private tutoring, which could be of help if the applicant wishes for private study on his own time.

Top 3 courses

Of the many SAT test courses available, here is a list of the top three most popular SAT test courses along with a brief description of what they cover.

  1. The Official SAT Online Course

    Published by the developers of the SAT exam, The Official Online SAT Course is a comprehensive prep course by the College Board. A completely online course, an applicant only needs an internet connection to make his own study schedule and study in his own time. Priced at under $70 it has 18 interactive lessons, 10 official practice tests, automated essay-scoring and personalised score reports.

  2. Kaplan SAT Courses

    Offering many SAT test courses, Kaplan prep has a wide range of courses ranging from $149 - $4800 per course. Of the 4 kinds of SAT test courses, SAT On Demand and Complete SAT Prep are solely for SAT Prep whereas the other two, are for PSAT and ACT prep as well along with SAT prep, and therefore cost a little more too. The SAT test courses offer 12 online sessions, progress tracking, customized study plan, 2000+ practice questions and 2-4 proctored practice tests for practice.

  3. Princeton Review SAT Test Prep

    Starting from $169 and going up to $2760, Princeton Review’s SAT test courses are six in number and accommodate different applicant needs. From 24 hours private tutoring sessions to small group classes and online courses, Princeton Review has both a comprehensive range of classes and course content. A host of these offer 20-30 interactive lessons, 30-40 hours of prep time, 2-4 full-length practice tests and a range of additional practice and prep tools are also available for the applicants.

Last word

There are more than these 3 SAT test courses available, and they might be recommended to you by your school or teachers, and you may also want to use those instead of these, but remember to select a prep course not only on hearsay, but base your choice on actual research and understanding on how well can a particular SAT prep course benefit you.

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