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SAT tests the reading, writing and mathematical skills of the candidates in order for them to get enrolled into various educational institutions in the U.S. Since SAT is an internationally recognized test, most colleges spot the right students by looking into their SAT scores. On the other hand, it is a dream for most of the students to pursue higher education in U.S. SAT, beyond doubt, helps the students prove their potential and finally realize their dreams. With SAT thus playing a vital role in college admissions, students should identify the best SAT test course for an effective preparation. This article reviews various SAT courses and describes which SAT test course is the best.

SAT Test Courses Online:

  • SATExamPrep:

    With the tagline, ‘The only truly free SAT test preparation course available’,SATExamPrep offers a completely free online SAT test course! The website also has quick-links to important segments like ‘About SAT’, ‘SAT test preparation’, ‘SAT FAQ’ etc. Therefore, at, one can find all information on SAT, along with the preparatory course. In order to access the SAT test course, students should first enrol with by furnishing their information such as name, address, city, state, phone, email address etc. Once submitted, user name and password will be emailed to the respective student. This procedure is to validate the students’ genuineness. Upon receiving his/her own user id and password the student can login to the SAT test course section and start learning by just clicking on the course name.

  • Ivybound:

    Ivybound is another top educator that offers the best SAT test course. It is exceptional in its contribution to SAT preparation through a variety of classes and courses. Some include:

    • Small classes (with very less number of students)
    • Private tutoring (one student only) and semi-private tutoring (two students)
    • Online courses
    • PSAT test preparation
    • Essay services
    • Weekly vocabulary newsletter
  • knows that each student is unique and hence trains students based on what SAT test course will fit them and customizing it.

  • TestPrePreview:

    TestPrePreview provides free study materials for a variety of exams including SAT. SAT test course by this site covers a wide range of topics pertaining to reading, writing and math as mentioned below:

    • Critical reading:
      • Practice questions on comma usage
      • Nouns
      • Basic and advanced reading comprehension
      • Sentence correction
    • Writing:
      • Basic, intermediate and advanced grammar
      • Sentence flow
      • Vocabulary
    • Mathematics:
      • Arithmetic, Averages and Rounding
      • Basic and Advanced Algebra
      • Estimation & Sequences
      • Exponents, Fractions & Square Roots
      • Geometry and measurement

      No doubt, this is one of the best places for SAT preparation and practice.

  • PrepMunch:

    With carefully researched learning materials, PrepMuch offers online video-based SAT test course and guarantees SAT score improvement.’s assistance in cracking SAT lies in few simple steps:

    • Subscribe to the SAT test course and take the diagnostic test
    • Watch each course video
    • Attempt to answer the questions following the video.
  • is so committed in its effort that it issues another 3 months subscription for free, if a student’s SAT score is not greater than the diagnostic score. Suppose a student doesn’t find any improvement in the actual SAT score, feels free to offer a refund!

All these courses offer abundant SAT preparation and practice resources keeping in mind the students’ expectations. However, it is the students’ responsibility to be meticulous while choosing the study materials as they will be investing valuable time and of course, money in some cases. Nonetheless, SAT is going to be a chief deciding factor of their college life.

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