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Your Guide to SAT Test Cost

SAT is one of the most important examinations in the life of an individual as it helps students to obtain admission in the colleges in United States. Students from all over the world work hard and make best efforts to achieve best scores in order to get into the institutions of their choice for pursuing their education. However, there are lots of formalities regarding the schedule and other procedures that the students are required to follow before appearing for SAT. Among all the other formalities, it is necessary for the students to understand and acquire knowledge about the SAT test cost so that they can pay the fee according to the requirements. As far as the SAT test cost is concerned, the students can get complete and accurate information from the official website and it should be known to the students at the time of registration itself.

Fees for SAT Registration

As we are all familiar, SAT is conducted seven times in the United States and six times for the international students and the test consists of three sections with different timings for each one of them. This examination intends to test the students in various ways on Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. For the Registration procedures, the students are required to pay $49.Those students who are residing in the United States and US territories along with Puerto Rico are eligible for fee waivers and is offered by their schools. For international students, only the US citizens who are from low income families are eligible for fee waivers. Along with the registration, there are other requirements such as $22 to be paid as basic Registration Fees and separate charges of $11 for the entire group of SAT subject tests. For the Language and Listening tests, the students have to pay $22 additionally. This is the initial part of the SAT test cost about which the students should be aware. As far as the international test takers are concerned, they are required to pay an additional Processing Fees of $29 for each registration and an additional surcharge of $24 for the test takers in India and Pakistan along with the normal fees. For those students who are taking the test from Europe, VAT should be included.

The Cost of Delivering and Accepting the Scores

There are no charges to be paid by the students for receiving the scores either through mail or online but only when the students request for four score reports. However, if a student decides to receive scores through telephone, he/she are required to pay $13 for each phone call. As far as sending the scores are concerned, the students are allowed to request for four score reports till 11:59 pm on a Monday that falls nine days after publishing the test dates. The score reports chosen after this time are subject to the payment of regular fees. If we look at SAT test cost, the students are required to pay an amount of $10.50 towards score report fee (for additional requests) that is refunded when the candidate is absent on the day of the test. There are additional charges of $30 if the student is interested to expedite the process. Furthermore, the students will also have to pay $28 for requests of old reports that are also referred to as Retrieval Fees.

Processing Fees (added to the total cost)

There are certain fees to be paid by the students and are added to the total SAT test cost. For instance, the international students who are appearing for this examination are supposed to pay $29 for each registration and those residing in Pakistan and India should also pay an additional security surcharge of $24. The late fees that are to be paid by the students residing within the US territory include $26 and for changing the test locations and dates, the students should pay $25. In addition to this, the Standby Fees include $43. These fees are necessarily added to the SAT test cost and the total fees are to be paid according to requirements.

Refundable Fees

A majority of the fees that are paid for SAT are not refundable barring the Student Answer service and the Question Answer Service for which the fees to be paid are $13.50 and $18 respectively and the amounts are refunded if the students are absent on the day of the test or had to appear for a makeup test. The fees for supplementary score reports that are asked for by the students in the Registration form are refunded if you are absent for the test.

Miscellaneous Fees

The fees for overdrafts or duplicate payments include $7. In addition to this, for multiple choice hand score verification procedures and verification of the essay scores, the students are supposed to pay $55. The fees taken for essay score verification are refunded if there is an error in the scanning or processing of the scores. However, the essay is not re-read and the fees taken for verification of the scores are not refunded for essays written with pen. There is a fee waiver system for the students with a low economic background and the details can be obtained from the official website. For instance, a student from low-income family will have to pay only $27.50 for the verification procedures. The SAT test cost is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of this examination that should be properly studied by the students who are appearing for SAT.

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