SAT Preparatory Classes

How Do SAT Test Prep Classes Help

The test consists of three sections Critical Reading, Math and Writing and screens test takers for skills that they would require as a base for studies in college. While some of you may think that it is easy to retain everything you have learnt in high school, most would need a lot of revision. It helps with avoiding confusion and frustration as well as helps you understand and answer questions quickly so as to complete before the time limit on the actual day of the test. A test class is designed to help students study all the subject matter involved in the syllabus and coaches them with regards to methods and techniques for problem solving, mock tests and high standard evaluations, guidance about test norms and information. There are many training companies that offer a class. You should find out what classes are most convenient for you to attend bearing in mind time, availability, feasibility and ease of commute so as to be able to cope with classes regularly. A lot of preparatory companies also offer online courses.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has a variety of exam classes for test takers to aid preparation. It offers courses with different characteristics to suit the needs of test takers. Some of the courses offered are private tutoring, small group instruction, ultimate courses, and classroom courses, SAT live online and online courses. You should choose the kind of tutoring you would require depending on your familiarity with study material and amount of guidance you would need to study the matter involved.

SAT LiveOnline

This online class is aimed at providing test takers with methods at achieving higher scores. It provides a student with 18 hours of live online instruction, regular support from professional instructors, 4 full length mock tests and additional online practice tools. This course should be chosen by students who are unable to attend classroom courses, are self motivated and have the ability to study on their own. You should consider private tutoring or others forms of classroom tutoring if you need help with understanding new concepts. The official Princeton Review website will give you further information about the other classes and prices. To read more follow:

Kaplan SAT Courses

Adaptive instructions for exam are provided through Online courses offered by Kaplan alongside others services such as private tutoring or group tutoring and customized online classroom courses. You could choose between SAT on Demand (Adaptive online instructions) and complete examination preparation (customized online classroom course) depending on the amount of guidance you would require.

Complete SAT prep

This class is an online study program that consists of 18 hours of instructions and guidance by experts, 4 practice tests with an additional 4 tests for improved learning, learning videos, numerous practice questions and performance reports. It also helps you plan your college applications depending on your progress and instructs about the respective procedures and regulations. To read more about other available services visit:

Sylvan SAT prep course

Sylvan is another major preparation course company and provides students with guidance for the test. This comprises of 30 hours of instructional learning from teaching professionals, personalized instructions, 30 hours of video lectures and 3 mock test papers for practice. It also gives you the liberty to ask for a refund should you be unhappy after the first session. This should be informed to the institution 48 hours from the first session and on the understanding that you will return all the study material you were provided with. You can read more information at: