If you are aspiring to take SAT, then the first thing you should do is to find out all the information about SAT. The official web site of SAT i.e. is the best place to find out the accurate and complete information about SAT. The entire process of the SAT exam can be divided into four phases: SAT preparation, SAT registration, SAT attempt and receiving SAT score. The SAT exam is conducted at the designated SAT test centers only. The SAT exam is conducted and administered by the US College Board Corporation. Conduct of the SAT exam is a very deliberate and standardized process. Therefore, it is important for a student taking the SAT to have knowledge of the SAT test centers and the conduct of the exam.

SAT Test Centers

The test centers for SAT are spread throughout the world. The SAT test centers are approved by the US College Board. If you are registering online for the SAT you can select a SAT test center of your choice. If you are registering by mail, then you can only provide your place of residence and you are allotted a SAT test centers close to your residence as possible. You can look for the available SAT test centers online from the following link:

This link shows you the SAT test dates of the current year. Below this information you will find the options to search for the SAT test centers in the US and in other international locations. You have to first select a SAT test date to get the list of the SAT test centers from a particular country. It is not necessary that all the exam dates are available at all the SAT test centers. Therefore, you must confirm the availability of the test center for a particular SAT test date while filling in your application for the SAT test. Every test center for SAT has a unique five-digit center code. When you are applying by mail you need to fill in the center codes of two test centers for SAT as your first and second choices. The list of test center for SAT is also printed in the information booklet of SAT. However, it is updated only once a year. Therefore, you must cross check the availability and the center code from the official web site of SAT.

Conduct of SAT at the SAT Test Center

SAT exam is conducted seven times in a year. Once you register for the SAT you are sent an exam ticket. You need to produce this exam ticket and the identity proof at the exam center. Without these documents you will not be permitted to take the test. Along with your exam ticket you will also receive the instructions to be followed at the test center for SAT. It includes a list of the necessary items required for the exam and the items that are prohibited at the test center. For example, along with your admission ticket and the identity proof you need to bring 2 pencils, eraser and a calculator for the exam. Pens, cell phones, pagers, scratch papers etc are not allowed at the SAT test center. You need to check from the official web site about the recommended standards for certain items like identity proof, calculator, CD player (required for the listening subject test) etc. You can take at most three SAT Subject tests on one day. But one cannot take SAT Reasoning test and SAT Subject test on the same day.

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