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Where Should You Take The SAT?

SAT exam is a standardized test required to gain admission in colleges or universities in the United States of America. Administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) around the world and scored by the College Board-USA, the SAT plays a vital role in the admission process of an applicant. The SAT exam is conducted at a designated SAT exam center or SAT test center located in many places in the USA and around the world.

  • Availability of SAT Test Centers:

    The SAT test is offered six times a year around the world and seven times in the United States. It is generally offered in the months of January, May, June, October, November and December all over the world. In the US, SAT is conducted in the month of March as well. Usually, the first Saturday of the month in which the SAT exam takes place is fixed for conducting the SAT exam.

    Note: The information pertaining to the SAT test dates and any available SAT test center can be found from the official website. It should be noted that all test dates may not be available at all the SAT test centers, especially the international centers. Hence, it is imperative that the candidate confirms that the test date and the corresponding test center are both available before registering.

  • SAT Test Centers:

    All SAT test centers are required to be approved by the College Board – USA. Each SAT test center has a unique code consisting of five digits. The complete list of SAT test centers is generally printed in the SAT information booklet and is made available online at As the booklet is updated annually, it is a good idea to check for the updated center code from the official website.

    Note: When registering for the SAT test online, it is possible to select a SAT test center as per the candidate's convenience and choice. This facility is not extended to candidates who choose to register for the SAT test through mail. In this case, the candidate has to provide his residential address as well as two centers as the first and second choice. A SAT test center as close to the given residential address as possible is allotted.

  • SAT Test Center Rules:

    There are certain rules related to the SAT Testing that are mandated by SAT test centers to be followed by all candidates. First and foremost, candidates must arrive on time and no later than the reporting time for the SAT Test. All candidates are provided with an exam ticket after successful registration that they have produce at the SAT test center along with a proof of their identity. In case a candidate has not been able to register on time, he or she can do so at the testing center on the day of the test depending on various conditions. Registering on the day of the test is also known as standby registration and depends on the availability of the seat and other materials provided during the test.

  • Choosing a SAT Test Center:

    When choosing a SAT test center, opt for the one closest to you or one that is convenient to reach. It is not advisable to travel far on the day of the test as it will add to your stress levels. Check out the complete list of the test centers available for the date of the test you may have chosen and select carefully. If you are in doubt about the locations of the test centers, you can ask your counselors, peers, friends or family to help you make the decision. It may seem like a trivial task to choose a test center but is nevertheless important.

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