SAT Test Center Locations

How to Access the SAT Test Center Locations

Where Are the SAT Testing Centers?

The SAT test centers are located in almost all the places in world, ranging from the US and US territories to international destinations. These test centers have specific test center codes, which a test-taker must provide while filling up his paper-based registration form. It is in this regard, that information about the SAT testing center location becomes indispensible. In order to find the test center, a student must try the Student’s Code Search, which pins down the desired SAT test center locations and provide the test center code, which the test-taker needs to complete his paper-registration form. The test-taker must therefore make use of this code search to find out the testing center that they would find convenient for themselves.

How Would You Gain Access to the Test Center Location?

To have access to the location of the testing center, you must open the Student Code Search website at first. Once you are there, you shall find two search boxes. These two search boxes are for finding the country code to which you belong. You need to change the criteria of search. Initially, the search criterion is set at ‘Countries’. This search bar is a drop-down box. You have to click on it and change the criterion of search from ‘Countries’ to ‘Test Centers.’ Once you have changed the search criterion, you will have four more boxes to fill, before finding your SAT test center locations. The actual process of seeking out your SAT testing center location starts from this juncture.

What Are the Steps to Find out Your Test Center Location?

Now that you have changed the search criterion to ‘Test Centers’ (as mentioned earlier), you have to fill in the appropriate boxes to get your SAT test center locations. What each of these boxes are and what do they need, are discussed below:

  1. Your test date: in the first drop-down box, you have to select the day, on which, you wish to sit for the SAT test. The upcoming date of the SAT test is kept in this drop-down box by default. Change the date in case you have a different test date.
  2. Country: in the second drop-down box, you need to select the name of the country from which you are testing for SAT.
  3. State: the drop-down box for ‘State', is only applicable for those test-takers, who belong to a federal country like the US. In case you have selected a unitary country in the preceding box, this box remains inoperative for you.
  4. City (optional): finally, in the last drop-down box, you can provide the name of the city to which you belong. This helps in narrowing down your test center search and provides you the exact SAT test center locations.

From the above-mentioned points, you now know what information to give to fill out the drop-down boxes. Double check the information you provided and once you are satisfied with them, click the blue ‘search’ button, just below the drop-down box for ‘City (optional)’. The website will instantly locate the testing center/s as it scrolls down to view the name of the testing center and the test center code beside the name. Check out the SAT test center location that suits your schedule and note down the test center code, which you will need to complete your registration form.

Choosing the correct SAT test center is very important. For one reason is that, the location of the test center has to be convenient from your residence. The route to the testing center should not contain much traffic and should be effortlessly reachable. To get the precise address of your favorable SAT test center locations, you can make use of the internet. Otherwise, ask your academic counselor or the head of the school about some expert advice in selecting testing center. The choice is yours to make.

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