Information For Candidates Taking The SAT From California

SAT Test Prep Information for Those in California!

SAT is conducted by College Board many times a year at various centers around the world. In California there are several centers that administer the exam, generally high schools. Taking the SAT from California is made easy by the fact that there are several centers to choose from and even more coaching programs available to help you prepare.

Which Preparation Class to Attend

To take the this, you need to get your preparation strategy planned out. Although there is nothing to suggest that you can’t do well with self-preparation, it is better to attend a proper preparation program in order to increase your chances exponentially. There are several institutes in California which offer coaching options, however you have to choose carefully in order to maximize your chances at California.

Here is a review of some of the best institutes in California for test preparation.

Sylvan Learning

A premier institute in the field of SAT/ACT coaching, it gives you an excellent course. The main features that it offers are as follows-

  • Personalized instruction in a small group setting
  • Real results - Build the confidence to increase your score
  • Thirty lecture hours focused on the exact skills you need
  • Three timed practice tests
  • Expert instructors know the test and understand the challenges of preparing for college
  • Specialized tutoring available in specific subject areas

Sylvan also comes with a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the classes, you can notify them within 48 hours and get a full refund. To find a center near you, just visit their official website ( ht tp:// ). To get more details on the courses you can visit The following link:

Kaplan Test Preparation

Kaplan is a very good institute for test preparation in the United States. It offers programs in variety of ways like online, personal tutoring, classroom coaching, college guidance etc. Some of the main features of Kaplan are as follows-

  • Totally personalized learning experience and excellent quality of teachers/online tutors
  • A unique feature called “Smart Track” keeps the complete analysis of your scores and performance and based on this, customizes your learning experience. This way you don’t have to go through the same topics repeatedly.
  • The preparation is completely adaptive to your needs

To look for a branch of Kaplan in California, you can just enter the ZIP code at their official website ( ).  Complete details of the courses and costs are available at this site.

Revolution Prep

It offers very personalized programs for everyone. It doesn’t matter how you want to prepare, Revolution offers all kinds of courses. There is a unique course offered by Revolution called “Hybrid”. Some of the features of this course are as follows-

  • Four hours of private tutoring and additional two hours of booster classes on the topics of your choice.
  • Meet once a week on a high school campus
  • Proctored practice tests on Saturdays

Apart from “Hybrid” there are several other courses offered by Revolution which add value to your exam preparation. For more details on these, you can visit:

Schulman’s SAT

This institute is available at three centers across California and is considered to be one of the best to prepare for test in California. The cost of this program is very marginal and registration is quite simple. It offers only a classroom program, but this program is one of the best in the market. The programs include classes once or twice in a week depending on the timings at a particular Schulman center.

How to Register

To register for this, you have to go to the College Board website and click on the link for registration. The website is: After going to the registration page, you can find out about the centers in your area by clicking on “Code Search”. Enter the ZIP code of your area to get the center codes.

Once you are ready with the center codes, you can click on ‘register now’ and follow the process to complete your registration. Also note, that the College Board site offers some excellent tools for exam preparation. You can opt for these tools once you sign up on the site. So even if you are attending a course at an institute, you should make the most of the resources on College Board.