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How to Select a SAT Test Book

Books are considered indispensable when preparing for any standardized test. SAT test books are popular because they acquaint you with information about the SAT test. The market is inundated with SAT test books and it is important that you buy the correct guide books to help you prepare for the test. Books are available in two formats: hard copy and online book or e-book. Sites, such as and, usually stock SAT material in the form of hard copies; for example, The Official SAT Study Guide, Cracking the SAT, and so on.

A SAT test book can be helpful if you select the right book, especially with the books flooded in the market; you will be spoilt for choice. You need to ensure that you buy books that are relevant for you. There are general SAT test books and specific SAT test books; the general books cover all the sections of the SAT test, whereas the subject-specific books are useful for focusing on one topic, for example, Math or Verbal. You must choose wisely based on your requirements. Some of the popular SAT test books are discussed in this article.

The Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT study Guide by CollegeBoard is the best and most popular SAT test book. It is the hub of information for SAT and includes all the information a student can want, which is why it is a must-have for every student preparing for the SAT test. The Official SAT Study Guide includes eight practice tests. This is valuable because you can use these tests to practice under test conditions, which will tell you about your level of preparedness for SAT. You can access the score report on the official website to check your scores and use the conversion table to calculate your raw scores into scaled scores. The Official SAT test book also explains how to answer questions and provides guidance on other factors of the exam, such as timing yourself during the test, preparing for the test, and so on. It explains the Math and Reasoning concepts and the manner in which you should approach questions related to the concepts. Practice tests follow each type of question so that you get plenty of practice on that question type. After you take the full-length test, you can receive a free online score report and access the explanations for the answers.

Gruber's Complete SAT Guide 2011

Gruber's Complete SAT Guide is another popular SAT test book you can use to prepare for the SAT test. The SAT test book is written in simple English that is easy to read and understand. As a result, you can easily understand difficult concepts. The SAT test book is convenient and user-friendly because all the information is easily accessible through mini table of contents that allows you to locate a topic easily and quickly. The book separates the content from the tests that you can take after completing the content. The book also has 5 full-length tests at the end. Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide is helpful if you can spend time and cover all the portions of the book. Although there are express ways to cover the topics, it always pays to devote time and complete the book thoroughly because it contains exhaustive material. For example, the book has over 3500 words in addition to the prefix and suffix; most books scarcely cover 500 words. This makes Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide a comprehensive SAT test book you can use to score high in SAT.

The Ultimate SAT Tutorial: The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Raise Your Score

The Ultimate SAT Tutorial SAT test book is another popular book you can use to prepare for SAT. The information included in the book is closer to the actual questions asked in the SAT tests. The book has a lot of preparation content. However, because the content is geared around the test, it focuses on the test so that you do not prepare unnecessary topics. The book includes its own lesson plans you can follow to adequately prepare for the test.

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