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Writing Section

Writing in the SAT TEST is a 60 minutes long test, with each part of 25, 25 and 10 minutes. It has bout 45 questions and one essay to be written by the student. Out of this the essay writing itself is of 25 minutes. Thus the rest of the 35 minutes are given for multiple type questions. This section aims at judging expression, use of words and grammar. SAT test help is required for this section for those who are not very good in English.

  1. Essays help to know about the way a student can express his thoughts in writing. The student needs to have the skill of proper sentence formation and also a little knowledge about the topic and ability to expand a view. One needs SAT test help to become skilled enough to reason and put it into words. The student will be given a thought in form of a statement or a set of statements and will be required to expand it by giving examples taken from his knowledge and experience.
  2. Multiple-choice questions are of three types; Improving sentences, improving paragraphs and identifying errors in sentences. These are effective tools to access the ability of a student to recognize errors and be able to use correct grammar.
  • In questions based on improving sentences, a student will be given about 5 sentences that express the same idea but are written in different forms. Out of these the student is required to pick out the most meaningful and correct sentence. For this he requires SAT test help to be able to recognize the errors in other sentences.
  • In questions based on paragraph improvement, one is given a passage that contains some errors. The student is required to identify these errors and choose the best possible answer from the choices given. The student requires SAT test help for increasing his ability to find errors in a given context.
  • In identifying sentence errors, the question sentence will have an error that will be highlighted. The student will need SAT test help to learn how to identify the cause of error. Alternatively, he should also be able to tell if there is no error at all in the sentence.

Mathematics Section

The mathematics section of SAT TEST tests the student for basic skills in algebra, arithmetic and geometry. This section has approximately 54 questions to be completed in 70 minutes. It is divided into 3 parts, of 25, 25 and 20 minutes. It contains multiple type questions and grid-ins or student response questions.

  • In the multiple-choice questions, one requires SAT test help to learn how to choose the answer from the given choices, using his mathematical skills.
  • Grid-ins or student response questions are ones where the student is required to fill in a grid. There are no choices given here and this requires the student to have mathematical skill as well as logic and reasoning skills. All these questions are based on previously acquired skills and therefore are testing the basic knowledge of students.

SAT Subject Based Test

SAT subject based tests are used for judging the level of knowledge of students in particular subjects. Some special subject based courses run at college level require that the student has specific skills in the related subjects. That is the reason for conducting SAT subject based tests. Some of the colleges consider the score in specific subjects only while other colleges don't keep such restrictions and thus allow the students to choose their subject.

The SAT TEST caters to the needs of most of the colleges in the US and also helps a lot of students in getting admission in their desired course and institution. It is a widely accepted test as it is considered to judge all aspects of a student's capabilities and skills that could be useful for further studies. Therefore it is, and will remain, one of the main exams held in US in the years to come

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