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Pick the Best SAT Study Guides for Yourself!

Why Are the SAT Study Guides Important?

The SAT study guides are one of the tools, which will assist you in scoring high in SAT and have a cool, calm and confident nature at the day of the exam. The SAT study guides would steer your way through the complicated process of SAT preparation and would prepare you to achieve a commendable result in SAT. These SAT study guides allow you to have an insight into the SAT syllabus and helps you cope up with the stress of lengthy preparation of the test.

What Are Some Reliable SAT Study Guides?

There are many SAT study guides, each boasting their study guides to be the best. However, in this article, there are four study guides discussed which are the top study guides for SAT and they are as follows:

  1. The Official SAT Study Guide:

    The Official SAT Study Guide, published by the College Board itself, is the best among the lot of SAT study guides. This official guide contains the authorized SAT® practice tests, which are provided by the official test makers of SAT and it contains more than 1000 pages and 20 chapters. This book comes at an affordable price of $21.99. The basic features of this study guide are:

    1. Ten official SAT practice question papers inclusive of three recent question papers.
    2. An in-depth explanation of the math, critical reading and writing sections of SAT
    3. A brush-up of the test taking schemes of the math section and recommendation for solving the math section, stating few of the most relevant points of cracking the math section
    4. Practice questions from the essay section with sample essay prompts and comments
    5. Exclusive permission to check the online explanations of answers and free online score reviews.
  2. Kaplan SAT Premier Program:

    In order to assure a better score in the SAT, you should purchase the Kaplan SAT Premier Program book, which gives you an online access and lets you view customized study materials of Kaplan. The features and qualities of this study guide are:

    1. It provides full length practice papers
    2. It has more than hundred practice questions with explained answers
    3. It has a CD-ROM which lets you access the Kaplan Online Companion Program
    4. It has mobile prep software for preparation on the go
    5. Includes schemes and strategies, which you can readily employ in each sections
    6. Includes options for SAT downloads in your PDA or mobile phones.
  3. Barron’s SAT (paperback)

    This is the latest edition of Barron’s SAT study guides, which features diagnostic tests and five full-length practice tests. The features of Barron’s SAT study guide are as follows:

    1. The test questions relate to the most recent SAT questions in accordance to the level of difficulty and question types
    2. Has a review of the scoring patterns of the SAT sections and subject reviews on critical reading, math and writing.
    3. Contains reliable study advices and test tips
    4. Comprehensive overviews of almost all the topics covered in SAT
    5. A list of 3500+ vocabularies for the extra mileage for SAT vocabulary

How Would You Pick the SAT Study Guides?

In the above-mentioned list, there are three of the books which will help you in your preparation of SAT. However, when it comes to the selection of these SAT books, there are several standpoints which you must follow for your preparation. They are:

  • Considering your learning style, you must select the test guides. In case you are good with lectures, go for test guides having lectures stored in CD-ROM or online test prep.
  • Evaluate your study time and choose accordingly. If you are regular with study hours, go for study guides giving you exhaustive study materials.
  • Compare the SAT study guides and use more than one study books. If you compare books and prepare, you will benefit more as you will know more techniques to crack the SAT exam.
  • Check whether there are enough sample tests provided with the study books

Where Would You Get These Study Guides?

These prep books or SAT study guides are available in any general bookstore near you. You can choose to buy them online from However, for the Official SAT Study Guide, you can visit the College Board website and buy it from their store. Therefore, buy your test guide today and start practicing for SAT. Start early and start afresh.

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