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SAT Study Guides That You Need to Consider

SAT is a highly competitive examination where you will have to face a stiff competition. You will have to put in great efforts to score high and only then can you secure admission in a good university or college. The students preparing for SAT opt for different ways of preparation depending upon their abilities. Some prepare on their own by referring to a SAT study guide of their choice while some attend tutorial sessions and some others prepare online by subscribing to an online preparation course. However, whatsoever may be the mode of preparation you prefer, studying from a SAT study guide is must because only books can give you comprehensive explanations to the concepts and help you gain more skills by practice.

SAT Study Guide Requirements

Before considering a SAT study guide, make sure that the following requirements are met.

  • The SAT study guide you wish to buy must be authored by an experienced SAT researcher or tutor.
  • Make sure that all the important concepts have a comprehensive explanation with examples for a better understanding.
  • Make sure that there are many practice tests provided for your practice.
  • Most importantly, you must cross check the concepts of the SAT study guide with the concepts you feel that are your strengths or weaknesses. This will help you estimate the quality of the book.
  • You can even consult with any of your seniors or your acquaintances who scored well in SAT to know more about the SAT study guide you wish to buy.

The Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT Study Guide is the SAT study guide devised by the official SAT administrators for helping the students understand SAT in detail. The official guide includes chapters on how to approach SAT, study tips and also test taking strategies along with eight full length practice tests. The questions are all very much similar to the ones that appear in the actual SAT. To benefit more, you can take the test by self-timing them. The key to all the practice tests is also included in the book and for a better estimate of your score, you can log on to the official website and submit your scores to know more about your performance.

The Princeton Review

Cracking the SAT is the SAT study guide from the famous competitive examinations book publisher, The Princeton Review. This book gives you a comprehensive explanation for all the sections of SAT. Moreover, this book gives you a free access to many online SAT prep materials. Needless to say, you can find very useful strategic test taking tips and techniques that would help increase your performance. Furthermore, there are five full-length practice test papers to assess your knowledge and also to get your scoring reports for a better estimate online.

Their 11 Practice Tests is also very good book exclusively for practice sessions.

Reading and Writing Workout for New SAT

This SAT study guide is authored by Geoff Martz and Doug Pierce. It is one of the highly preferred books for the Critical Reading and the Writing sections. This book explains to you many tips and strategies that would help you improve your overall English skills especially to improve your score in the above mentioned two sections of SAT. It is priced at US $60 and is worth your expenditure.

Kaplan SAT

Kaplan SAT Premier Program is the SAT study guide published by them. This SAT study guide provides hundreds of questions for your practice with detailed answer explanations. You will be provided with full length practice tests for your self assessment. Also included are a CD-ROM and access to the Kaplan Online Companion Program. You will also be provided with a mobile prep compatible with your phone. You can make a customized study plan for SAT that works for you. With the Online Companion Program mentioned above, you can get online free grading for your practice tests and free evaluation for your essays.

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