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With loads of SAT study books available in book stores, SAT candidates ought to be keen in choosing the best ones. As an initial step, SAT aspirants should spend some valuable time in knowing the various SAT books and read their reviews. This would guide them in apt selection of SAT study books. In this article, let us explore the different study books for SAT.

The Official SAT Study Guide (TM): Second Edition:

Launched by College Board, this is one of the best SAT study books containing all that a student would require to prepare for SAT. The official SAT website claims that this is the only book containing the previous actual tests and hence offers a real test experience. This book can also be ordered online from the official site.

  • Features:

    As per the official website, salient features of this authorized SAT study book are as follows:

    • Ten full-length practice tests and hundreds of additional questions
    • Simple and easy to understand
    • Has around 1000 pages and more than 20 chapters
    • Not expensive
    • The exam methodology, way to approach the exam, how to choose the best tests and preparation guidelines with valuable tips
    • Detailed descriptions on the various sections of SAT
    • Numerous practice questions at the end of each section of the SAT
    • Well systematized tests thereby providing a real time experience with instructions and detailed explanations for answers
    • Includes information on the recent changes made to SAT
    • Free online score reports with access to online answers and explanations
  • This reliable book thus makes an excellent study guide and as one would expect a must-read for SAT aspirants.

  • Importance Of Official Guide:

    It is not an unknown thing that today’s market is overwhelmed with study books for competitive exams. Hence, choosing the apt SAT study books may appear as a daunting task for the candidates. On the other hand, exam thoughts always haunt students. It is therefore very crucial that the SAT study books a SAT student buys should convince him in providing an effective learning to make him an efficient candidate. Considering all these factors, the ultimate choice is to go for an official book. The SAT official book is reliable, accurate and worth as it is a product from the SAT test-makers themselves.

Other Recommended Books:

  • Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT:

    With its simple, well structured and standardized teaching techniques, this is one of the SAT study books thatgreatly balances the three sections of SAT and teaches the concepts brilliantly. This book also has a DVD included which assists in effortless learning. Candidates looking for a different and interactive learning experience can opt for this book. Through carefully designed materials and exclusive tips to score well, the book puts forth a better approach to learning, particularly for SAT. This book has always ranked top among SAT students.

  • Kaplan’s 12 Practice Tests for the SAT:

    Having a large number of questions on reading comprehension, sentence completion, essay questions and multiple choice questions for math, this book is of high assistance in widely increasing speed and accuracy. Hence, with constant practice, the students get to learn how to manage completing the exam within the stipulated time frame. Also comes with this book a self grading guide which is of much aide in knowing where one stands and paves way for improvement.

    All these quality SAT study books have made preparation and practice much easier than it was a few years back. Any time, it is sensible to follow an authorized book and nothing can equal the official book by College Board -The Official SAT Study Guide (TM): Second Edition. Nevertheless, once the students have gone through this book completely, they are always free to expand the horizons of their knowledge and skills by referring the other SAT study books.

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