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Study is the application of mind in reading, or investigating, in order to acquire knowledge. Systematic study helps you to achieve academic goals. Study is a continuous process where you can use different methods to learn your lessons. Moreover, since it is a 'continuous process' it is not done in one day, but it is the result of the efforts you make throughout schooling to acquire knowledge.

SAT study is also a process. It is not done in a single day or just before the exam. SAT study is a planned and systematic effort. You need to be focused and regular for SAT study. It can be said that SAT study does not start just before the exam is to be taken, but it is done from the time you are in school, when you learn your basic skills of the 'three R's, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. A strong base in your initial years of schooling is like a foundation for good SAT study. So if you know your basics well, your SAT study can be started well.

SAT has three main sections: Critical reading, Writing and Mathematics. It is a standardized test taken by students across the US to get admission into the colleges in US. Thus, the value of SAT cannot be underestimated. Also, SAT study has to be such that it meets the high standards of SAT. You must completely understand the requirements of the test. SAT study is more about how to take the test rather than going through loads of reference material.

Planning for SAT study

SAT study can be broadly done in two stages. The first is where you are learning new skills and the second, where you enforce those skills. Thus, firstly it is required to make efforts to learn, memorize and reason out the study material. Then for SAT study, you need to revise what you have already learnt. This will make a final imprint over your mind and you will not forget what you have learnt. It is the first step, which takes longer, but this does not mean that you can ignore revision. You must apply your SAT study into practice by practicing a lot of sample tests.

SAT study can be done in different ways. You need to choose which way is the most suitable for you. It is best to keep the learning process interesting. It should not become a burden. You need to try out different ways to acquire knowledge. Any type of cramming should be avoided. Cramming or mugging up of topics will block your mind and also make it difficult for you to memorize things. Thus your SAT study should be such that your mind keeps working, thinking about new concepts, interpreting them, reasoning them out and forming logic. This will increase your efficiency and you will never get tired or bored of SAT study.

Different Ways of SAT Study

There are a wide variety of methods of SAT study to choose from. You can attend special coaching classes, arrange private tutors, consult special software or SAT study guides or join online courses. But before choosing one of these methods, you must know which one suits you best.

SAT Study Coaching Classes

If you think that you will not be able to do self-study and you need someone's help, you can join classes where professionals teach you and guide you for SAT study. This is also helpful for those who find it difficult to form a regular practice of study. In a class there is an environment of learning. You have fellow students who are also studying the same things as you are. This can encourage you to study and devote more time to SAT study. Besides you learn from the mistakes done by other students and come to know about the common problems faced by everyone. This benefits you as you can gain from others' experiences as well. There is a competitive atmosphere created where you get inspired to do better. Here you can also have discussions in the class, which will have a better impact on your memory. You can directly consult the teachers in case you have any problems. These classes also conduct practice tests that are scored by the teachers. You are provided with complete study material like SAT study guides and software for preparation. The SAT study guides are generally those published by the coaching company itself and these SAT study guides are followed to complete the syllabus. You can judge your performance and know your weak points. But for such SAT study, you need to make an effort to attend the classes regularly and have to follow the timings set for everyone.

Private Coaching

You can hire a private tutor who can help you personally giving you full attention for SAT study. You can have a direct contact with your tutor who can give special attention to sharpen your skills and remove your weaknesses. Students who are slow learners and cannot keep pace with the whole class can adopt such a method of SAT study. Also you can choose the time that suits you, as tutors can be flexible about the time of the class. But you must be careful and choose only such tutors who are professionally qualified. He must have good knowledge about SAT and also should be a good teacher. He should be able to tell you which SAT study guides should be consulted for SAT study. But hiring private tutors can be a costly affair as you can expect the tutors to charge a handsome fee! So in order to benefit from private tutorials and also cut your costs a little, you can invite your friends interested in SAT study and make a small group at home. This will have the benefits of both, the environment of a classroom as well as personal guidance of tutors.

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