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The World Wide Web offers a great deal of knowledge and information to those who seek it; be it for prep for competitive exams, sharpening your existing skills or acquiring newer ones. The internet provides a world of data to work with and if you are looking towards the internet to help you with your SAT prep, then you have hit the right note. The internet has quite a few preparatory SAT software for candidates to purchase, download and utilise for their benefit. These are priced from anywhere between $29 to $250, so candidates can choose whichever SAT software suits their budget and needs the most. Following are a few of these SAT software which candidates can read about and pick from.

Word Smart

In the business of educational test prep and more, the Word Smart Company has been singing its success story for over a decade now. Its SAT software contains a number of volumes set out to enhance and improve the candidate’s SAT prep. Offering 20 hours of vocabulary practise, which include word usage, word etymology, word history and common misuses, the Word Smart vocabulary prep includes more than 5000 words, pronunciations and spoken explanations of the words. For its math prep it has nearly 15 focus areas like, algebra, geometry, fractions, decimals , equations and so on, along with 15 practice tests. The Word Smart SAT software also has a ‘Tutor’ mode which will help the candidate practise under guidance. It is easily downloadable and calls for minimum system requirements. You can have a look at this SAT software at .

Nova Press

Promising to help candidates master the SAT, Nova Press brings to candidates its SAT software for SAT prep at under $30. The software contains hundreds of practice problems with detailed explanations and can work on mentor mode, test mode or practice mode. Candidates can take timed tests as well to see how well they are graduating with their prep. The Nova Press SAT software has all three sections of the SAT covered. The Math section has seventeen lessons covering a breadth of topics including New Age Algebra and the Writing and Critical Reading sections fine tune the candidate’s ability to read and spot answers and tutor him on writing technique, punctuations, rhetoric and style. For under $30 it is quite a lucrative deal, which can be seen at

My Max Score

Claiming to be more effective than classroom-based SAT test prep, My Max Score offers SAT test-takers online preparatory SAT software with a 30-minutes session everyday for a time period of either 4 months or 12 months. Focusing on the candidate’s weak areas, the SAT software gives the candidate access to their resident expert Dr. Gruber’s critical thinking strategies and the intelligent software reacts to how a candidate answers a particular question and helps pin-point weak areas to lay extra focus on those in following sessions. Offering detailed explanations to answers and providing simulated tests, My Max Score guarantees a150+ point score increase. Their online SAT software is available for purchase at .

Topics entertainment

Voted as the No. 1 SAT software for SAT prep, Topics Entertainment’s SAT Platinum Edition has a range of software for competitive test prep. It offers 10 full-length SAT tests, diagnostic tests to determine the candidate’s weak points to help turn them into strengths, 20 realistic practice tests and a virtual tutor. Priced at under $35, this SAT software is as comprehensive as it gets. Candidates get access to online sessions with tutors where they can share their progress with the tutors, who then can help them with their weaknesses. If you want this SAT software, the site will direct you to for the purchasing. Have a look at it at


It is always a good idea to do your own little research before you decide on spending money on prep programs. The internet has a number of people testing these SAT software and putting out reviews in terms of ease of use, pricing, system requirements, content coverage quality etc. You can make good use of these reviews while selecting your SAT software. Here are two amongst the many other websites that offer free reviews on SAT software, have a look at and .

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