SAT Signups

How Can You Sign Up for SAT?

SAT is an internationally administered test for absorption of candidates into various colleges in the USA. You will have to get through a stiff competition to crack the SAT and secure admission into a college of your choice in the US. SAT signups are as important as preparing for and taking the SAT. The SAT is owned, organized and administered by the College Board. SAT signups can be made from the official website of the College Board. For SAT signups, the College Board has very interactive registration procedures for both test takers hailing from the US as well as for the test takers hailing from countries other than the US.

How Can You Sign Up for SAT?

Regarding the SAT signups, you can find all the information on the official website of the College Board. The SAT is administered seven times in the US and six times in all other countries excepting the US. You will have to correctly choose your choice of test date and then proceed for registration. SAT signups can be made from the official web link of the College Board:

What is SAT Sign Up?

SAT signups are often confused for SAT registration. Of course, you can register for SAT only if you first sign up. SAT signups are absolutely free. They provide you with the following benefits:

  • You can register for SAT at different test dates or even for subject tests right from your account, any number of times you wish to.
  • You can view, get and send the scores obtained by you right from your SAT account.
  • You can view and apply to the colleges you wish to study in from the SAT account itself.
  • You can manage the college lists and also build a college list thus making it easy for you to view all the colleges you are interested in.
  • You can complete and forward the financial aid application that you would like to submit.
  • You can even get important updates and email reminders from the College Board regarding the test dates and any other important information.

How to Register for SAT?

The SAT registrations can be made from the official web link of the College Board:

The link given above is the home page link for SAT signups and other SAT related information. Here, you will find different colored boxes clicking which will lead to the respective pages. Amidst them, you will find a box that is titled ‘Register’. Click on that and you will be given all the test dates that are active and available. If you are a new user, you will have to sign up first. The SAT signup page leads to a place where you will have to provide all the information and then submit it. You will then have a dedicated email address and password for signing in for SAT. Then, from this dedicated account, you can register for the tests that you would wish to take.

Other Registration Procedures

The SAT can also be registered by phone or by mail. For registration by phone, an additional fee applies. These ways of registration can be availed only by the students who hail from the US. Detailed information regarding these registration procedures can be found at this link:

For the students who belong to countries other than the USA, apart from the online registration procedure, you can register for the SAT by mail or through a SAT international representative. Detailed information regarding these registration procedures can be found at this link:

From all the available registration procedures, choose the one which is convenient to you and then proceed. Online registration is preferred by most of the candidates and is more secure and accurate. However, depending upon your feasibility, choose the procedure that is more convenient to you.

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