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How to Start With the SAT Signup?

Having an online My SAT account with the College Board website is an advantage as you would be able to access a wide range of test tools, materials and information instantly in your home PC. Uses of SAT sign up are that, you can receive and send SAT scores, apply for colleges over the internet, add up schools to college lists and complete CSS/Profile. Moreover, you can join the campaign for college counselors, get an access to resource center and enjoy other services rendered online. There are very simple steps you need to follow for registering for SAT online account. We can sum up the SAT sign up process in four easy-to-follow steps. If you follow these steps correctly, your SAT sign up will be completely easy.

What Are the Steps For SAT Signup?

There are four effortless steps to make a My SAT account in the College Board website and they are as follows:

  1. Providing the student’s information:

    The first step of SAT sign up is to enter all the required information, pertaining to the identification of the student. There are nine boxes or fields, which a student has to fill up. The student must fill eight out of these nine boxes up. They are as follows:

    • Student’s first name: its mandatory that you provide your first name in this box
    • Student’s middle name: it is optional and you can wish to avoid this box
    • Student’s last name: this box asks you to provide your surname
    • Gender: you need to provide your gender
    • ZIP/Postal code: you need to enter the postal code of your location, in case you are a candidate from outside US, then click in ‘Outside the U.S. checkbox’
    • Date of Birth: you will have to choose your date, month and year of birth
    • High school Graduation: you just need to select the month and year of your passing of high school
    • Student’s Email Address: you have to provide your valid Email address in this box.
    • Confirmation of Email Address: you have to reenter the same valid Email Address that you gave in the previous box.
    • Once you are done filling up these basic information, you will get two check boxes to fill. They are:

    • Monthly student’s newsletter and alerts: if you click this checkbox, you will always be in track with deadlines and strategies to hunt for the supreme colleges for you.
    • The Official SAT Question of the Day: you will get a daily SAT question to answer, delivered in your mail address for free if you click in this checkbox.
  2. Entering Parents information:

    The second step in the SAT sign up procedure is to provide the parental information of the student. This step is optional and contains four fields or boxes. They are:

    • Parent’s first name
    • Parent’s last name
    • Parent’s email address
    • Confirmation of email address
    • Once you are done with this step, you will get three checkboxes to choose. You will get the following check boxes:

    • CC a parent Email Service
    • Monthly Parent Newsletter & Alerts
    • The Official SAT Question of the Day
  3. Create a username and password:

    This step of the SAT sign up lets you create a username and password for your SAT online account. There are five boxes, which are mandatory to fill. They are:

    • Username: enter an unique username, which contains 6-15 letters, numbers or symbols
    • Password: enter a password that is 7-15 characters long containing a minimum of one numeral.
    • Confirm password: enter the same password and verify whether they are matching with the password, you gave in the previous box.
    • Choose security question: choose a security question from the drop-down menu to enhance security
    • Answer: answer the question you selected in the last box.
  4. Finishing up:

    The last step of the SAT sign up process is finishing up. In here, you must complete the only box given. That is:

    • Who is filling out this form?

      This is a drop down box. You need to choose the name of the individual who filled up the form. It may be a student, student and parent/counselor together, parent, educator, etc.

      Finally, you must click on the ‘Agree to the terms and Conditions’ check box before hitting the ‘submit’ button at the end.

What is the Motive of SAT Signup?

Your SAT account with the College Board is mandatory while registration of the SAT test as all registration information of the SAT will be mailed to your account. Once you have registered for SAT, you will receive the test center information; identification confirmation and most importantly your admission ticket in your My SAT account. Moreover, if anytime you wish to amend any details of registration, you can do so only through your SAT account.

The above discussion shows the steps by which you can complete your SAT sign up. This is a very easy process and hardly takes more than five minutes to complete. So sign in today and enjoy!

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