SAT Scoring Scale

The official score report for SAT is available to students and the colleges almost 5 weeks after taking the exam. But they can view their scores online three weeks after the exam. Your official score report shows your scores on a scoring scale00-800, your percentile. Your raw scores are converted to a led SAT scoretually led SAT scores better way to compare students from various schools which might have different high school curriculum. Percentile of a student is relative to the led SAT scoresthe other students who have taken the exam. scoring scaledifficult to understand. A raw score of 40 in math section will have different led SAT score percentile than a raw score of 40 in critical reading section. The percentile for each led SAT scoredifferent for each test. Different students take different subject tests. So rankings are given on the basis of group or subject.

SAT Scoring Chart

There is no fixed formula or official scoring chart h converts raw scores into scaled scores or percentiles. As difficulty level of every SAT is different, SAT scoring and conversion charts also varies. ETS which conducts and scores SAT has made many changes in SAT to improve scores of the students. They have developed a SAT scoringtem. SAT scoring improved scores of the students but then the relative positions of the students that mean their percentiles are same. SAT omparatively easier but then various colleges are preparing their SAToring charts Many colleges are not considering writing section scores of the students. Many colleges are still studying SAT scoresuse them in their scoring chartscompare students from different backgrounds.

College authorities use many other factors apart from SAT scores to judge a students capability to cope up with the college work. There might be some colleges which give more importance to SAT scores but then there are few schools who consider SAT scores just a formality. If you are aiming for a good course in a reputed college, then you should try for a good SAT score. It would be good if you can get the scoring chartsprevious tests from college of your choice. That will give you a better idea whether your SAT score is a right score for that particular college.

If a student is not satisfied with his scores, then he can always retake the exam. There is no limit on the number of times a student can take the exam. But you should be aware of the fact that your score report displays all the scores from your previous SAT tests. It all depends on the college policies how they view your score report. Many colleges consider the best scores in all the sections and subsections and make their own SAT scoring chart to compare different students. You can consult with your college counselor to understand the admission policies of the College.

Anyways, SAT scores are not the only basis for the college admissions, your GPA, class record and extracurricular activities etc play an important role in placing you in a good college. But you can not ignore SAT, so you should prepare well for it to score a good score.

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