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Access Your SAT Scores Online

SAT is administered as a paper based test for the junior or senior year students worldwide for admissions into colleges in the USA. It is administered by the College Board. Though SAT is not as feasible as the GRE or GMAT yet SAT is made interactive for all the test takers. The College Board runs a dedicated SAT website for making the process easy for all the test takers. From the official website of SAT, you can register for the SAT, know SAT scores online, download many SAT previous test papers and other study materials that would be very essential for your preparation, apply to the colleges you would wish to etc.

How To Know Your SAT Scores Online?

SAT is administered seven times in the USA and six times in all other test locations across the world. Typically, the SAT scores online are available from around twenty days from the day of your test date. Right from the day on which you receive your SAT scores online, you can start applying to the colleges of your choice, keeping in mind the respective college’s score-use practice.

You can know your SAT scores online from the official website of the College Board at the link:

If you have already registered with the College Board, you can sign in to your dedicated account and then view your scores. Nevertheless, if you have already registered, a SAT scores online email will be sent to the address you would have mentioned at the time of your registration. At the link given above, you can clear information about the available recent test dates and the upcoming SAT scores online.

Accessing SAT Scores Online

You can access your SAT scores online only by registering with the official SAT website. By signing up with the official SAT website, you can register for the SAT exams, both the SAT reasoning test as well the SAT Subject Tests. You can get the SAT scores online and then apply for the universities of your choice. You can also manage your colleges list etc.

You can access your SAT scores online once the scores will be made available by the SAT administrators. Then, you can sign in to your account and view your SAT scores online.

Obtaining SAT Scores Online Made Easy

Obtaining SAT scores online is made easy by the SAT administrators. You can also visit the link given below to obtain your SAT scores online.

Availing this so called ‘My SAT online score report’ service, you can get a detailed explanation regarding the score numbers you obtain. You can get relative comparison of your scores with other test takers. Also, you can get tools that would help you filter the colleges for your convenience depending upon your obtained scores. You can understand the test structure and scoring specifics including the writing as well the essay section. You can know about your performance in each test section in detail. If you wish to improve your scores, you will be provided with targeted practice strategies in the form of basic tutorials and study plans. You can also see some sample essays which obtained various scores to help you get to know about the scoring decisions.

How to Get My SAT Online Score Report

My SAT online score report is made available free for all the test takers who take the SAT. Irrespective of the mode of your registration for the exam i.e. online or by mail, all you need to have access to My SAT online score report is a College Board account.

  • New users will have to sign up for a new account. Registered users can sign in to their account with their unique username and password.
  • Click on “My SAT”. You will be displayed all the upcoming tests for which you have registered. Also, all the available SAT scores from your previous SAT tests will be displayed.
  • Next to the test whose scores you wish to know, click on ‘My Online Score Report’ to obtain the scores in a detailed version.

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