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Use Of SAT Score For Admission

Since SAT is a standardized test for all the colleges in the US, nearly all colleges consider the score in SAT for the purpose of admission. The colleges consider the score in SAT as well as the percentile to judge a candidate. Generally a score above 1650 is accepted by most of the colleges. A score is considered good enough if it is above 1850. A higher score can ensure that you get admission into a college and course of your choice.

Generally the SAT score of the SAT Reasoning Test is enough for the colleges. But some colleges also need the SAT score of SAT Subject based test for admission into their colleges. Apart from these scores, a college can have its general criterion of admission as well. This can include interviews, performance in school and extracurricular activities. But it cannot sideline the value of SAT score.

Merits And Demerits Of SAT Score

Like any other method of scoring, this also has its good as well as bad points. SAT score is helpful in many ways. SAT score can be called an excellent way of assessment. It gives a clear idea of where you stand. There are millions of candidates who appear for the test, but with SAT score, it becomes very simple to judge them on one scale. It does not leave any ambiguities. With this score colleges are able to select the deserving candidates for their college. Thus the very purpose of conducting a common entrance exam is solved easily by this method.

But this system of marking also has some shortcomings. It is very difficult to interpret the SAT score for students. Many a times students are not aware of the scoring method, which leaves them confused.

Secondly, giving a score to the performance brings about competition. This becomes burdening for the students as they are expected to do well. This results in a lot of mental tension for them. They are over-occupied with the thought of doing well in the exam.

Since most of the SAT questions are multiple-choice questions, it results in a lot of guesswork from the student's side. These guesses may be correct or wrong. But in case they turn out to be mostly correct, it can make a great difference in the SAT score of the student. That means a student, who may not deserve a good score, can get a high SAT score. Thus the SAT score is affected with guesswork.

There can be a lot of debate on the scoring system. But the fact remains. SAT serves the purpose of many, and it is here to remain till a better system comes into being.

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