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It is the age of competition and you have to struggle at every step to make a place in this world. You are living in a world where you have to bring out your best in order to reach to the top. You have to prove your worth in order to come forward and only then you can get what you actually want. Opportunities are limited and people are queuing to grab them. In the education system too you find this struggle. There are limited seats available and too many students willing to join the various courses. It gets difficult for the educational authorities to give admission to everyone and they need a criterion to select deserving students and deny the others. Thus it becomes essential for the educational authorities to become selective because of which they conduct tests.

SAT is one such exam where the authorities get to test the worth of all the applicants through a standardized test. These applicants get SAT scores on the basis of how they fair in the exam. Nearly all the colleges accept the SAT scores and this becomes their admission criterion. Good SAT scores ensure you of admission in your desired college and course. For the colleges, the SAT scores are a merit list on the basis of which they give admission. Someone with better SAT scores is preferred over another with a lower score. That is why your SAT scores are considered the index of your intellect and is a key to your success.

Understanding SAT Score

SAT score is given on a scale of 200 to 800 for each section, which makes it a total of 600 - 2400 for all the three sections. You have 2 sub scores for the writing section, corresponding to the essay type and the multiple choice type questions. Two examiners on a scale of 1 - 6 evaluate the essay and their score is added up to make it on a range of 2 - 12, where as the score of multiple choice question is marked between 20 and 80.

Along with the SAT score, you receive a percentile. This is a comparison of your SAT score to the scores of other students who appeared for the test. That means if your percentile score is 55, then you have done better than 55% of the other test takers. In other words, 55% of the test takers have scored lower than you.

How The Test Is Scored

In SAT Reasoning Tests you are given one point for every correct answer. In case you have given a wrong answer, quarter of a mark is deducted from your SAT score. However, no points are deducted for a wrong answer in student-generated responses. Also no mark is subtracted for an un-attempted question.

In case of SAT Subject based Tests too one point is gained for a correct answer. Negative marking is done in case a wrong answer is given, depending upon the number of choices given. Half a mark is subtracted for a question with 3 choices, 1/3 of a mark for a question with 4 choices and quarter of a mark for a question with 5 choices. No marks are subtracted for any omitted question.

Once you are awarded points for the questions that you have attempted, it will give you your 'raw' SAT score. This raw SAT score is then converted into the final score that is rated on a scale of 200 to 800. This is done by a process called equating, where the score is made comparable to the scores of others. It is this SAT score that you receive as the result of the exam.

On an average a student scores about 500 in each of the sections, which makes it easier for comparison. In order to make a comparison and find out which is better there has to be a difference of at least 60 points.

If you take the SAT test again, your score is shown in combination with your previous SAT score. This is possible for up to six previous attempts of SAT. Thus your result will show all the SAT scores along with the most recent score.

How The SAT Scores Are Declared

All efforts are made in order to give out a quick and fair result of the exam. SAT score can be seen online or could also reach you by mail. Online results are beneficial as they allow you to send your score to up to four colleges for free as well. In order to send the score to more colleges, you will have to pay an additional fee. It can take about four weeks for this, after you have applied for it. You can also know more details about your performance, like the number of correct answers, number of wrong answers, and number of omitted questions. An online result takes about 3 weeks to appear, but it can take up to 6 weeks to reach you through mail. Scores are also available on phone on payment of an additional fee, which can be paid by a credit card. But this service cannot be used to send scores to colleges earlier.

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