SAT Review

SAT is a standard test which is taken by high school students to get admission in the colleges in US. This is an important test from student's point of view. A good score in SAT is accepted in most of the colleges and universities. SAT measures your knowledge which you have learnt in your high school. Students are familiar with the contents and syllabus of SAT test. But the format of the test is new for them. The test related anxiety and fear are more of a concern. To prepare for this exam needs a systematic plan. Your preparation should include proper study material, and enough review of the SAT contents. SAT review is very important to get SAT scores. There are many books, tutoring classes, online courses, and SAT review courses available in the market to help you in the SAT review. You have to decide whether you want to join a full fledged study course or you want to study on your own. Even if you study on your own, you should take the help of various study and SAT review material available in the market. You will definitely need guidance and few extra tips to take the exam.

SAT has two parts namely SAT reasoning test and SAT subject test. SAT reasoning test is the main test which further has three sections. In critical reading and mathematics sections, most of the sections have multiple choice questions. Writing section has again two sub sections- multiple choice questions and essay writing. Your SAT review plan should include all of the three sections. You should plan your SAT review in a systematic way. In this part of the article we will discuss SAT review plans related to all the three sections of the exam like SAT math review, SAT grammar etc.

SAT Math Review

SAT math is very basic mathematics which you have learnt in your high school. But you should familiarize yourself with the test pattern of the mathematic section. To score good marks in SAT, you should plan your SAT math review Your SAT math review should be based on basic mathematics and elementary concepts which you have learnt over the years of formal education like Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry, Permutation, Probability, Standard Deviation. Another topic which needs attention is data analysis. These are the basic tools of statistics. Students get confused by the data and then feel difficulty calculating means Actually you should review the definitions of the different types of means and it will be very simple to solve problems related to them. Data analysis and data interpretation play very important role in reviewing problems that include mean, median and mode.

SAT math is a 70 minutes test which has three sections. Two sections are of 25 minutes and one 20 minute section. Mathematics section of the SAT consists of two types of questions. Multiple choice questions and Students given answers. There are 44 multiple choice questions and 10 students produced questions. Mathematics section is scored on a scale of 200-800. SAT math section is not about testing your knowledge in math, rather it tests your ability to solve questions. Therefore when you are reviewing your SAT math, along with your studies, you should also concentrate on the test taking strategies. SAT is a timed test so you should be very careful about the speed. Your SAT math review should include lots of practice tests. These practice tests will improve your speed and will give you an additional confidence.

There are various sources for SAT math review in the market like preparation books, SAT math review course, online study materials etc, which can help you in starting your SAT math review. All these sources can help you in strengthening your basics and learning various test taking techniques like elimination and substitution. These preparation materials provide you a lot of practice tests which help you to increase your processing speed, and also identify the type of problems that you take more time to solve.

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