SAT Review Course

How to make the most of a sat review course

Why would you need SAT Review Courses?

Numerous students worldwide take SAT, in order to compete head and shoulders with other test takers to get an admission in the most prestigious institutions of America and elsewhere around the globe. The SAT is a competitive exam, which evaluates a candidate’s skill in Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The candidate is marked according to his performance and his scores are sent to a maximum of four institutions of his choice by the College Board (the test taker can send his score to more than four institutions only after paying a fee). The admission officers at colleges and scholarship programs use these scores as admission criteria for placing the deserving candidates in their institution. Therefore, it almost becomes mandatory for you to score high in SAT to be placed at better institutions. You may wish to prepare for SAT on your own but if you take the help of a SAT review course, you will be able to achieve the high score levels in your SAT.

The SAT review course guides you to channelize your energy to have a solid preparation for your SAT as these courses have been there, long enough, to know what to expect in SAT and how to tackle the questions in SAT. The reason for which you should choose these SAT review courses is that, these are completely reliable and comprehensive. These SAT review courses offer you the exact faculty and study resources, which you will require to score high in SAT.

Which are some good SAT review courses?

In the following sections, you will get the list of the best SAT review course,which you can avail to prepare for SAT:

  1. Kaplan test prep:

    The one thing that Kaplan prep course can ensure is that, it will prepare you according to your capability to learn. It uses a special technology named Smart Track which guarantees that the entire focus is on the individual students. Its courses are:

    1. Complete SAT course: You will avail a custom made classroom with state-of-the-art technology which is led by teachers who are SAT toppers. This course comes at $499.
    2. College Prep Advantage: You can avail innumerable test preparation facility for both SAT and SAT Subject Test and guidance to curve your college application only at $999.
    3. SAT on demand: you will get a 24*7, complete access to SAT contents, test taking strategies and practice tests within $149.
  2. The Princeton Review:

    Next in demand of the SAT review courses is none other than Princeton Review. The course structures are as follows:

    1. Private tutoring: it is a face-to-face individualized tutoring, which comes at a price of $2760. This is the best and the most flexible course structure you can get at Princeton Review.
    2. Small Group Instruction: you will have a classroom program with a class-strength of four students. Depending on your location, you have to pay $1499 for this.
    3. Ultimate course: you will get a guarantee to get a 150+ score improvement after this 30-hour exhaustive classroom tutoring with exclusive individual training at a price of $999.
    4. Classroom course: they will focus on specific test elements, starting from $599 depending on your location, in an 18-hour classroom session.
  3. Knewton SAT prep:

    The Knewton SAT prep is relatively a newer test prep course but it guarantees a boost of 150 points in your SAT score. The Knewton SAT review course consists of exclusive instructions, anytime preparatory resources and personalized help to the students. You shall get:

    • More than 25 hours of SAT instruction online from the best faculty, who are accessible on-demand
    • On-demand class library
    • Loads of practice questions and solutions with explanations
    • Five full-length SAT practice tests
    • Unlimited access to SAT study resources for six months
    • All these within an affordable price of $150

How would you make the most use of these prep courses?

You must remember that you are investing a good sum of money in these SAT review courses. The responsibility is up to you for being regular, dedicated and attentive in these prep courses. You must train yourself to devote at least four hours of study time for keeping up with these SAT review courses. You have to reduce distractions and concentrate more on finishing your SAT syllabus. Once you are able to focus your aim to score high in SAT, no forces will be strong enough to oppose your success in SAT.

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