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When preparing for the SAT test, it is important to choose your study resources carefully. You can opt for books and online resources to supplement your preparation for SAT if you plan to prepare on your own. However, you need to be careful when selecting guidebooks or online resources. When choosing books, you need to check that the book contains full-length practice questions in addition to the study material because practicing questions under test conditions is an important aspect of your preparation for SAT. You need to have access to as many questions as possible.

You can also opt for classroom tutorials or private tutorials if you feel you need more help in understanding the topics. Online SAT review classes are also a good way to learn. Online SAT review classes are popular these days owing to the exposure and convenience of the Internet. There are sites that offer complete courses for SAT review classes and offer practice tests online. Some SAT review classes even offer pre SAT tests online in case you want to practice for the test beforehand. Taking pre SAT tests online is a good way to track your progress of your preparation for SAT.

Some of the best online SAT review classes in the industry are as follows:

College Board

The first and best site for SAT review classes is the Official SAT website or College Board website. The online course offered by College Board is called The Official SAT Online Course&™. The College Board site is the hub of all the information you might possibly want, for example, how to register, when to take dates, how to plan your study, and so on. You can register for the SAT and SAT ii tests on the website. You can also request for scores and send them to colleges of your choice. In case you do not want to send all your scores to colleges, you can avail the Score Choice tool to select which scores to send to colleges. More importantly, the site offers you study plans based on the amount of time you have to prepare for SAT. The site displays the upcoming SAT test dates along with the registration date and the late registration date. Depending on the time you have to prepare for the test, you can avail the study plan recommended by the site.

The Official SAT Online Course&™ includes 18 interactive lessons that explain the topics of math, critical reading, and writing section. In addition, it also covers the PSAT/NMSQT. The SAT review classes include interactive activities and multimedia format of content to engage you in the learning process. The question banks of the SAT review classes include more than 600 questions in specific topics; this provides you ample practice in solving SAT type questions. The SAT review classes include 10 official practice tests with detailed answer explanations that you can find in The Official SAT Study Guide. The SAT review classes provide personalized feedback on all the practice tests conducted. You can practice essay writing in the SAT review classes that are scored automatically to provide you computer-generated scores immediately. You can use this feature for all the essay prompts in the online course, The Official SAT Study Guide. The other major prerequisite is that you need to have the required hardware and software installed on your computer in order to access the course and to have it working properly.

The website is available at:

Knewton SAT Prep

Among the best SAT review classes, this site allows you to access SAT study material when you decide to begin your preparation. It allows you the flexibility to study at your own pace, focusing on your weak areas. Knewton has its team of expert instructors to guide you and provide you tips to take the test. You can also take practice tests and track your progress thereof.

The website is available at:

Ivy Bound Test Prep

Among the popular SAT review classes is the Ivy Bound Test Prep website. You can access the free practice SAT tests and actual SAT questions to prepare. This SAT exam site offers you online prep courses, either private or classroom. You can opt for instructors based on their experience; although all the instructors are highly trained experts. For example, there are junior instructors, senior instructors, and veteran instructors; the most expensive being the veteran instructor. The course fee includes all study material and evaluations.

The website is available at:


Another good site among the SAT review classes is Brightstorm. This site offers both classroom and online tutorials. The SAT prep course includes a series of videos that are scheduled based on the lesson. The sessions include a summary about the sections or topics and tips and strategies to learn and answer the topics. Compared to all other SAT review classes, this site provides you with information about your strengths and weaknesses in subject areas and provides you guidance on how to improve on those areas. Based on your progress, you can gain personalized recommendations on how to improve further.

The website is available at:


Among free SAT prep sites, this site is a free online study guide. It focuses on each section individually, which you can use to focus on specific subjects. The website is available at:

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