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SAT Review Classes

Everyone is familiar with the concept of classes. SAT review classes offer full preparation right from introducing you to the test up to practicing the questions and sample tests. A class for SAT preparation reviews has a preplanned strategy to make you revise for the test. There is proper timetable to be followed regularly and you are given enough practice for each type of question. It is one of the most commonly followed sources of SAT preparation reviews. Classes help to reinforce your knowledge by creating an environment for studies. The peer group also affects you. When you watch your friends discussing and questioning, it instills your thinking as well. You gain from the experiences of teachers of a class for SAT preparation reviews. You might find this source comfortable as you have been attending classes in school as well. Consequently you might find the review classes easier as you have gone through the same earlier.

SAT review classes have different schedules of different time spans. You have full-length classes where complete topics are reviewed in detail, and you have crash courses where you are made to revise only the important questions.

SAT Review Book

For those who like to study from books, a SAT review book can prove to be a complete guide. Books written by professionals are painstakingly and carefully designed in order to give you the material you really require. It makes you familiar with the test and includes enough exercises to give you practice of the types of questions asked in the test.

There is a wide range of books available from which you can select the one you want. Some of the books are listed below

  1. Master of SAT (book and CD Rom) by Pine.
  2. McGraw-Hill's SAT, 2008 Edition book only by Christopher Black and Mark Anestis.
  3. Kaplan SAT and PSAT 2002 by Kaplan.
  4. How to Prepare for the SAT: 2007 by Sharon Weiner Green and Ira K. Wolf.

Even if SAT preparation reviews only fix the knowledge in your minds, you will find the difference once you have gone through it. You will find the differences when you compare how little you knew about the SAT before preparation reviews and how well prepared you are after it. It is a process that triggers the growth in your knowledge. You turn out to be more alert, well informed and better prepared to take the SAT.

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