SAT Registration Booklet

SAT Paper Registration Guide and How to Register through it

College Board, the organization that administers and conducts SAT is also the compiler of the test registration booklet. It is a detailed material which gives you all the information related to the examination, from registration to college admission. It is easily downloaded in PDF format from the official College Board site i.e.

This booklet is a must-have for anybody before registering for SAT. Even during the planning stage if you have the booklet, you will find it much easier to proceed. This is so relevant because all the information regarding SAT is available at one place. So, instead of searching the College Board site for different things, you can just download this registration booklet.

Some of the main features of the booklet are as follows:

SAT Tests

The first section gives a brief description of all aspects related to SAT and its subject tests. It gives the complete distribution of marks along with timing restrictions in the test. After this, it deals with the process of receiving scores and retesting. Finally, it gives some information about the best way to register for SAT.

Registration Information

This booklet contains all the information about the four methods of registration, namely online registration, registration by mail, standby registration and late registration. This information includes a step-by-step description on how to fill the registration forms, how to access codes for various centers, mandatory fields etc. It also gives complete details on the procedure you have to follow if your application is returned (in case of registration through mail).

Ordering Information

This section deals with the ordering costs that are applicable while ordering services from various national and international locations. These services include delivery of books and other preparation materials, additional score reports, question answer service and student answer service.

Fee Details

This section deals exclusively with the fee structure of the test. It gives details of all the costs involved in the test. These costs include services, taxes, late registrations, subject tests, standby fee, international processing etc. It also gives the modes of payment that are acceptable to College Board. Apart from this, it also gives detailed explanation on the use of fee waivers and refunds.

Students with Disabilities

This section is dedicated to services for students with disabilities (SSD). There is a provision for accommodations and some extra help in case of disabled students. You can avail these services by applying to College Board in advance. This section gives details of the process involved, the types of accommodations given, approval for accommodation and registering with an accommodation.

Additional Information

Apart from the sections already discussed, there are six more sections in the booklet. The main points in these sections are as follows:

  • There is a section on admission ticket, which deals with receiving your admission ticket, making changes to your registration and the things that you can change.

  • The next section is dedicated to the test day in particular. This gives details about the timings, conduct, equipment allowed, photo identification, cancellation procedure and some important information about the make-up tests.

  • The next one deals with the questionnaire in the registration procedure. Most people think that it is an unnecessary part of registration. This section clarifies this view and explains why this questionnaire is an integral part of the process and how it helps in making SAT better.

  • The next section gives some important information for all test takers. It is a must-read for all students. It discusses legal issues related to privacy policy, score cancellation, payment processing, penalties for misconduct, score reporting etc. It also discusses some frequently asked questions in these matters.

  • The international representatives section gives a catalog of mailing addresses for availing College Board services in various countries.

  • The last section gives the information regarding schedules for the upcoming tests. This also includes the availability of subject tests.

It is very clear from this description that although the name “SAT Registration Booklet” suggests only registration information, it is a complete guide for aspirants and their parents. Therefore, the first thing to do as soon as you decide to take the test is download this booklet and study it in detail. No amount of browsing on the internet will give you as detailed a version of the test as the registration booklet.