SAT Test Registration Guide

SAT is conducted seven times in a year from October to June. In countries other than the US the dates are the same as in the US except in March (or April). It does not have strict eligibility rules and any one can appear for it. Your score in SAT is valid for 5 years. You can take the test as many times as you want.

You must get the SAT test registration done before the deadline gets over. Students must get SAT registration done at least 3 weeks in advance. However there are different deadlines for international SAT test registration and different for those who register in US. You have different options to register for SAT to choose from. Following are the various ways of SAT test registration.

Means Of SAT Registration

You can choose from different means to register yourself for the SAT depending upon your convenience. There could be some means that suit one person and some that suit another. All these methods have distinct features. The means of SAT registration are as follows

Online SAT Registration

This is the easiest way of SAT registration. You can apply online at, which is the official web site for SAT. You just need to fill up the form online and give your credit card details. Any one of American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa credit cards is required for this purpose. It is a particularly convenient method of SAT test registration as it can be done at any time of the day. You can choose when you want to take the exam as well as where you want to take it. With online SAT test registration you can get immediate conformation of your registration. It is also helpful as by registering through online forms, you can open an account on the official web site with a user name and password, which can help you to print your admission ticket, check which center is assigned to you, make corrections in your admission ticket, view the result as well as send your score on the web. Also it will help you get informed about any changes in the test schedule immediately.

This facility is available in all countries except for Kenya, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria or Cameroon. Also you cannot register through this method if you are registering for the first time for Sunday testing. However, in case you have previously appeared for Sunday testing, you can resort to online SAT registration.

SAT Registration through Mail

This is one of the commonest and the most traditional methods of SAT test registration. For this you have to obtain the forms either from school authorities or from the official web site. You get the complete form along with a SAT test registration booklet and return envelope. You are required to fill up the form and return it to:

College Board SAT Program

901 South 42nd Street

Mount Veron, IL


You can obtain complete information about the dates of the test, fees centers and basic instructions to fill up the form in the booklet. The fees for the test can be paid through cheque, credit card or money order.

SAT registration through mail is particularly useful in some cases. You can register only through mails if you are registering for the first time for Sunday testing. Also if you have to put up a request to open a test center nearer to your home you need to write an application and mail it along with your form.

But there can be some difficulties in this mode of SAT test registration. Since you fill up the form on your own without any guidance, you may fill it incorrectly. It gets difficult to get the form checked for any type of mistakes at the time of filling up the form. You may not understand the instructions properly and this leaves room for your registration form getting returned to you. Also since it depends on the postal authorities, there is a possibility of delay and that could mean that your form does not reach before the deadline.

SAT Registration through International Representatives

If you are not residing in the US you can choose to register through international representatives. You need to check if you have international representatives in your country, since all countries don?t have them. You can look for representatives closest to your hometown by visiting the official web site. It has information of the entire overseas advising centers. International representatives from different areas accept payment in different forms. You must deposit your form before the early registration deadline along with full payment. For example for a test whose regular international registration is say 30th October, the early registration will be about 20 to 30 days before that, say around 10th of October. You can check for the early registration dates and register accordingly.

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