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Everything you Need to Know About SAT Registration

The SAT exam is required to gain admission in colleges or universities in the United States of America. The SAT is a standardized examination that assesses the problem solving skills and abilities of the candidate on subjects learnt in high school. The SAT scores are important as they play a major role in determining the outcome of an application.

  • When is SAT offered?:

    The SAT is offered six times a year around the world and seven times in the United States. It is generally offered in the months of January, May, June, October, November and December all over the world. In the US, SAT is conducted in the month of March as well. However, only the SAT reasoning test is available in March in the US. At other times of the year, both SAT tests, namely, SAT I and SAT II are available. A candidate can take up to three SAT II or SAT Subject tests on the same day and to take the subject tests of SAT, register accordingly.

    Usually, the first Saturday of the month in which the SAT exam takes place is fixed for conducting the SAT exam. A request for the SAT to be carried out on a day other than Saturday is entertained only if the candidate can demonstrate the reason for the request of change. As an example, religious prohibitions are accepted as a valid reason.

  • Registering for SAT:

    Before you take SAT, register for it in advance. The registration fees are different for US candidates and international candidates. For international candidates, an extra processing fee of USD 20 is charged. If you belong to the countries of India or Pakistan, you will have to shell out an additional USD20 for security fees. There are separate fees for SAT I and SAT II with each subject having a different fee. The mode of payment has a wide range of options starting from credit cards, bank drafts, checks drawn on a US bank to US money orders and UNESCO coupons.

    Registration can be done by mail or online via a credit card. SAT register for the test online at or download the form and send it with a bank draft to the College Board SAT Program office in New Jersey, USA. Remember to keep a few days for postal delays when you SAT register by mail. Registering for the SAT online is the fastest and easiest way.

  • When to Register for SAT:

    Preparing well is important to score high in the SAT exam. It is recommended that you register for a date such that there is ample time for preparation. The registration for SAT can be done a week in advance if required. However, if the preparation is incomplete, there is no point in giving the SAT test as it would be difficult to achieve the desired high scores. If you miss the target score, you may have to retake the test again. You can take the SAT as many times as you like but you would have to pay for it every time. Retaking the SAT also means an investment of time as well as money and it might delay your application to the colleges. The SAT score card contains all the tests you may have taken in the previous years. Multiple SAT scores may not be considered as a positive factor by the admission officers of the college or university you wish to apply to. It is advisable that you plan well in advancebefore youtake the SAT and in case you have to take a retest for SAT, register in time for that too. It is best to prepare well and check for the deadlines of the application date of the colleges first before registering for the SAT so that the situation of taking a retest does not arise at all.

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