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This section consists of both objective as well as subjective SAT questions. There are multiple-choice type of questions as objective SAT practice questions and essay writing as the subjective part.

In essay writing, you are given a topic, which could be a sentence or a set of sentences. These sentences express a view and you are required to give your opinion about the same. Examiners score it on a scale of 1 to 6. 6 is the highest score that you can get in essay writing. The essay writing questions require you to expand your idea giving examples and reasons to support the answer. You are supposed to take examples from your studies, experiences, reading and observations.

The objective type of SAT practice questions in this section are of 3 types- identifying sentence errors, improving sentences and improving paragraphs

  • SAT practice questions based on identifying sentence errors contain a sentence, which has either a single error or no error at all. The sentence is underlined from a certain place. This underlined part will have an error or no error at all. It will be followed by choices that can come in place of the underlined part. If the underlined part needs correction, choose the best option as your answer, and in case you think that the question is correct and contains no error, then choose the last option, that is option E.
  • In SAT practice questions on improving sentences you are given a sentence where a part of it or the complete sentence is underlined. Under it you are given options to re-phrase the underlined portion. The first choice is the same as the given sentence. So if you feel that the sentence does not need any change and is meaningful and grammatically correct, then choose A, otherwise choose from the other options given.
  • The third type of SAT practice questions in the multiple choice section are the ones set to improve paragraphs. You are given a passage, which has some parts that need to be rewritten. It is followed by questions. These questions could be based on a particular sentence structure, or could be based on the development of thought


The SAT questions in this section are also of 2 types-multiple choice type and grid-in or student response questions. In the multiple-choice type of SAT questions, you are provided with the reference information and directions before the questions. Then you have questions on mathematical problems. And below the questions, you have choices of solutions out of which only one is correct. You need to workout the problem and reach to the correct solution. The answer will require simple calculations that you can do on a scratch book as rough reference.

In student produced response questions, you are given a grid. There are 10 questions in all. You will be given a question that requires mathematical calculations. Here you have no choices of answers provided for you to choose from. You need to work out the answer and fill it into a special grid. Once you have found the answer you can indicate it in the grid by marking in circles.

SAT questions are designed in such a manner that it helps to access the capabilities of students completely. Thus SAT remains one of the most popular tests in the US.

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