Information And Utility Of Private Tutoring For SAT Preparation

Private tutoring is a means of preparation for test where a student is taught by a tutor. This is one of the best ways of preparation for SAT. There are many advantages of this type of tutoring. Following are some of the benefits of private tutoring.

Importance of Private Tutoring for SAT

  1. Hiring a tutor is a personalized matter. It does not involve any one other than the teacher and the taught. There is no crowd of students or strangers who may control the time, preparation plan etc. for you. Therefore, there is no interference from a third person in any form. Thus, a comfort level is established between the tutor and the student.

  2. In this tutoring session, the tutor can pay personal attention to the students needs. Unlike in a class of students, where it is impossible for a teacher to look into the individual performance of a student, a private tutor can give full attention and time to just one student. Thus, it is easier for the tutor to identify the students mistakes and weaknesses.

  3. A tutor can provide immediate feedback to the student and thus direct the student to the correct way without any waste of time. Since there is a constant check of the tutor over his student, the student is observed and prompted at every step by the tutor. Thus, an immediate feedback is helpful for the students to remain alert and learn faster.

  4. Private tutoring can be done at a comfortable time and at a comfortable place. There is no need to follow pre-decided timings and schedule to prepare for SAT. Instead, a mutually agreeable time and place can be decided to carry out the tutorial which suits both, the tutor and the student.

Disadvantages of Private Tutoring

Although private tutoring has many benefits and can be regarded as one of the best ways of preparation for SAT, it is not devoid of shortcomings.

  1. Hiring a tutor is expensive. Today there are many other options which are equally rewarding and less expensive as well. Some online web sites also offer SAT preparation materials for free. Comparing other options, private tutorials turn out to be the most expensive means of preparation.

  2. In private tutoring you need to have a good tutor to guide you well through the process of preparation. However, it can be difficult to look for a suitable tutor who is not only knowledgeable, but also has the skill of teaching. A tutor must be able to understand the student and teach him according to his capabilities. However, it is difficult to find such tutors.

  3. It lacks the environment of a classroom teaching. In a class there is discussion, interaction and competition amongst students. This proves to be helpful in setting up the environment of studies. However, in private tutorials this is not found because of lesser strength of students.

  4. There are a number of other means of preparation that are more interesting and gripping than private tutoring. This particular means is boring for students as it does not offer much variation.

  5. In SAT tutoring, the student becomes totally dependent on his tutor. Thus if a tutor is not capable enough, the student will not be able to prepare well. Moreover, since the student is totally dependent on the tutor, he becomes isolated from the rest of the world. He is not aware and remains passive to any changes that occur. 

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