SAT Preparation

SAT Preparation- A Comprehensive Guide

SAT, as we know, is a globally recognized and standardized test for college admissions in the U.S. It mainly tests the reading, writing and mathematical skills of the candidates. Though these skills are extensively gained during school days, efficient SAT preparation is essential to get through the exam with high scores. This article discusses on how we can effectively prepare for SAT.

Different Sections in SAT:

As stated above, SAT comprises of the following sections:

  • Critical reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

Each of these sections has a score scale of 200-800. Critical reading and mathematics segments have two 25 minute sections and one 20 minute section each. The writing part has two 25 minute sections and one 10 minute section. There is also a 25 minute variable section which is not counted towards the score. Let us now look into how SAT preparation can be effectively accomplished.

SAT Study Plan:

The official SAT website composes a study plan by posing just three simple questions:

  • Which test will you take? (SAT/SAT Subject Test)
  • How many times have you taken it? (Never/One or more times)
  • When will you take it? (In less than a month/In one to three months/In more than three months.

Answers to these questions are imperative in devising a study plan for any competitive exam, let alone SAT. Along with the study plan, this site also offers valuable SAT preparation tips and practice questions for free. Students are therefore advised to take this questionnaire, formulate and finalize what to study when, which would be the first step in SAT preparation.

Highly beneficial tips for each section are also presented in the following links:


Today’s market is flooded with SAT preparation books and these books are the first and foremost to lend a helping hand for SAT aspirants. Candidates should self-analyze, seek and find which books would suit them best as each book apparently follows a unique teaching technique. Some of the highly recommended books are:

  • The Official SAT Study Guide (TM): Second Edition
  • Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT
  • Kaplan’s 12 Practice Tests for the SAT
  • Kaplan’s SAT-Score Raising Dictionary
  • Geoff Martz’s Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT
  • Princeton Review’s 11 Practice Tests for the New SAT & PSAT
  • Barron’s books

Online Courses:

In this information age, preparation is never complete without internet. For this reason, SAT has created its official online course titled ‘The Official SAT Online Course (TM)’. With its peculiarly designed interactive lessons and activities, this site keeps the students engaged and ignites their learning capability. Product information for this course states that it has excellent features like quick response with computer-generated scores, detailed explanations for answers and personalized feedback for the test-takers.

Other useful websites that assist in SAT preparation are:


With the number of coaching centres and tutors for competitive exams increasing tremendously, candidates can make the best use of them to gain much knowledge particularly in those sections in which they find themselves weak. And it is absolutely wise to get doubts clarified from tutors possessing in-depth knowledge on how to crack SAT.

Tips and guidelines for SAT preparation:

  • Equip yourself by knowing the exam pattern
  • Identify your strengths and weakness
  • Plan and devise a preparation chart accordingly
  • Learn each section thoroughly and take as many tests as possible
  • Try and have a discussion with other SAT aspirants and learn from their experiences
  • Reach online communities and SAT blogs to discover untaught clues and techniques

Having discussed SAT preparation in short, we may now come to a conclusion that with proper planning and appropriate learning guided by the variety of resources available, the younger generation is sure to go up the SAT ladder.

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