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SAT Prep Software You Cannot Afford to Miss

The SAT exam is more or less a mandatory test that college-bound students have to sit for. Almost all top universities and colleges require the SAT score of a student as a criterion to consider him/her for an undergraduate program. So, there’s no escaping the SAT! Therefore, focusing on the prep is something every smart student should do. With the world of internet presenting opportunities aplenty, students have very little to crib about. SAT preparation software available at a certain cost can be downloaded and the applicant can well be on his way to a top 2100 score in the SAT exam. SAT preparation software on the web can be found in dozens, but only a few would qualify as complete and comprehensive. A list of three of these types of SAT preparation software follows, telling you about their content and why they could be your ticket to a top SAT score.

Topics Entertainment

Affordable, comprehensive and relevant are the kinds of words you would use to describe Topics Entertainments’ Platinum Edition Software for SAT Prep. This SAT Preparation software is not only for the SAT exam but also includes ACT and PSAT prep within it and has been voted the no. 1 software for SAT Prep. It has 10 full-length SAT exams, personal study plan, 20 realistic tests, tutorials for and analysis of your math, critical reading and writing skills and over 400 flash cards for your learning process. The online bonus features available for applicants, allow them to share progress and results with teachers, focus on their own weaknesses or strengths and improve/sharpen them. These mentors are available online for the applicant to consult and share difficulties with while learning. With more than 3000 test questions, realistic test-taking experience and availability at Amazon for just under $35, applicants have no reason to look elsewhere in terms of SAT prep with this SAT preparation software.

Nova Press

For those who face a struggle with the math section, Nova Press’ SAT Prep Course Software, aims to strengthen those weak areas with comprehensive 17 lessons on math which include lessons on Algebra II as well. Available in mentor mode and test mode, an applicant can switch modes as per his convenience while practicing his lessons/taking a test. In the mentor mode, an applicant gets an explanation for the solution to a problem, which enhances the applicant’s logic towards understanding SAT questions and the exam pattern. The test mode offers a timed test-taking experience for the applicant to help him familiarize himself to test-taking situation. This SAT preparation software has a detailed section devoted to reading, writing and vocabulary, to help the applicant with essay writing patterns, spotting answers with a paragraph and improving his vocabulary with over 400 vocabulary words describing usages and meanings of these words. Available to applicants for under $30, this SAT Preparation software is nothing other than a great steal at a great price.

Word Smart

Priced at a higher margin as compared to the other SAT preparation software, Word Smart’s SAT Preparation Course gives the applicant’s his money’s worth when it comes to course coverage and practice tests. Its reading section has over 5000 words with pronunciations, meanings and usages along with word history and etymology which allow the applicant to comprehend the word rather than just memorise it, only to forget later. Using comprehension as a more reliable tool as opposed to memorization, WordSmart SAT preparation software offers a Tutor mode which can be switched ‘off’ or ‘on’ depending on the need of the applicant. The math section has 15 areas of focus with chapters covering everything ranging from arithmetic, decimals, ratio and proportion to algebra and geometry. This SAT Preparation software has inbuilt flashcards, sentence correction exercises, column-matching for words and meanings and much more to make learning fun for the applicant.

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