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Pick the Best SAT Preparation Course for yourself!

College Board conducts SAT at various locations around the world. It is conducted several times during a year. SAT scores are considered by almost all the colleges and universities in the United States.

When it comes to preparation, SAT preparation courses are absolutely essential. This is because getting admission into one of the top universities requires some excellent scores. Your high school level study will only get you an average score unless you prepare separately as well.

Making a Decision

It will be better for you if you can join one of the SAT preparation courses available as early as possible. This will give you sufficient time to prepare before you attempt the test in your senior year. Research on the internet will tell you that there are several SAT preparation courses available in the market. This can be quite confusing sometimes, however, fortunately there are parameters on which you can judge a course. Some of these parameters are discussed here.

  • You can easily find reviews and opinions on SAT preparation courses on the web. This will help you considerably in making your decision.
  • You should have a look at the results that an institute has been able to produce over the past few years. This gives an indication of its capability.
  • The sheer variety of resources and tools on offer will tell you how much you stand to gain by joining a particular course.
  • Make use of demo versions and trail packs whenever available. Nothing will give you a better idea about a course than this will.
  • Try to get in touch with your seniors and find out their approach and preparation strategies.

Selecting a good course from the bulk of SAT preparation courses is the first step towards getting admission into your dream college. Some of the famous SAT preparation courses are reviewed here.

College Board

“The Official SAT Online Course” is the only official SAT course available. This gives it some huge advantages. Not only that, it also has some great features that make your preparation interesting. Some of these features are as follows-

  • “The Official SAT Study Guides” and “The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests” are books that cover everything you need to prepare for SAT. They give you the official point of view on all aspects of the exam in terms of difficulty levels, timing constraints, paper pattern and much more.
  • The “Answers Imagined” feature lets you discuss and come out with new and innovative ways to solve problems. This will help with divergent thinking even in the test.
  • The “SAT Study Plan” feature defines a complete study schedule for you based on your date, subjects and previous scores. This is an excellent way to plan your preparation without much effort.
  • Apart from these, there are several features like “The Official SAT Question of The Day”, “The SAT Skills Insight” etc. that let you prepare in a unique and interesting way.

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Princeton Review

It is a well-known name in the area of SAT preparation courses. Some of the notable features of Princeton Review are as follows-

  • A variety of courses like private tutoring, small group instruction, ultimate courses, classroom courses, online courses and SAT live online.
  • It conducts guidance sessions and seminars to help students with their admissions after they get their scores.
  • Excellent quality of materials that cover everything from basics to mock tests.
  • Experienced tutors who have been training aspirants for a long time.

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ePrep offers exclusively online courses and there is no provision for classroom programs. However, these are very high quality programs in terms of covering of the basic concepts and explanations of problems. There is a trail version available which you should definitely try before you make a decision about ePrep.

The program is highly interactive and engrossing. They also have an excellent customer feedback and support system that you can use 24/7. For more details, visit

These SAT preparation courses can increase your chances exponentially, the only thing needed is your concentration and effort. So try and invest in a good course if you want to see yourself in a good graduation program.

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