Some Points To Consider While Choosing A SAT Preparatory Course

What To Consider When You Choose A Prep Course

Joining a SAT training session can benefit you only if you choose the right preparatory course. It is easier said than done as there is a plethora of SAT courses available in the market with all of them claiming to be the best one for you. You need to research well when deciding upon a preparation course in order to get the maximum benefit out of it.

  • Where do you Stand?

    Before evaluating a preparatory course, you must evaluate yourself. It is important to know your skills and abilities first. One way to go about it is to take a mock test or a diagnostic test. Such tests are available for free online. It is recommended that you take more than one so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the tests, make a section-wise list of the scores and the time taken for all the tests. Once you are aware of the areas that you need to improve on, you can check for the course that can help you the most. For example, if mathematics is not your forte, you might want to consider preparation courses that provide useful tips and test strategies for solving the mathematics section of the SAT. If you are confident with the test content but want to know the test strategies, you might want to consider a preparatory course that has a stronger focus on practice tests and test strategies.

  • How to Identify a Good SAT Preparatory Course:

    A good preparatory course is one that covers all aspects of the test thoroughly and completely. It should entail:

    - Elaborate study materials with in-depth explanations
    - Experienced instructors to teach the course
    - Enough practice tests
    - Review sessions
    - Focus on selected topics
    - Substantial number of classroom sessions or live instruction sessions
    - Availability of instructors for queries
    - Home study guidelines
  • If Time and Travel is a Restriction For You:

    Once you have zeroed in on a good preparatory course, you need to check if you can commit the time that it asks for. In order to attend the live classroom instruction sessions, you may be required to travel far. In case you are pressed for time or are unable to travel for the course, try to find out if the course is offered online. Most of the reputed admission consultancy companies provide online courses as well. The online courses offer you with a greater amount of flexibility and you can study at your own pace in the comfort of your room. However, you must ensure that the course offers prompt technical support as online courses are heavily dependent on web based technologies. You can also check how user-friendly the software tools are and if they are easy and convenient to use. For online courses, the availability of the instructors often becomes an issue as they may not be available at the time convenient to you. It is best to know when and how you can contact the instructors other than during the live web based sessions.

  • Money Matters:

    A preparatory course is expensive and can make you poorer by a good amount of money. If you do not wish to invest heavily into a rigorous test preparation course, you can look into other similar courses offered at a lower cost. There are crash courses that are rigorous, of a lesser duration and cost much less.

Once you have chosen a course you need to put in efforts too, in order to benefit from it. You should set time aside to review the coursework and note any doubts and queries that you may have in order to get them answered during class or through email or phone support. A preparation course can benefit you only if you add your efforts to it.