Essential Features Of The Classroom Courses For SAT Preparation

The concept of a 'class' has undergone a great change in the recent times. Traditionally a class refers to a group of students taught together by a teacher in a classroom. Thus, the preparation class would mean a class where the students are made to prepare for the exam. However, in today's times, a class can be understood in different ways. Accordingly, a SAT preparatory class is also perceived in different ways. Following are the different types of preparation classes that are common.

Types Of SAT Preparation Classes

There are many types of SAT preparation classes. For you to recognize which type of class shall suit you, you need to understand your needs and your nature. Each person is different. If one prefers to study through private tutorial classes, another one could prefer to study on his own. Consequently, people have different choices of preparation classes. The same type of preparatory class need not suit everyone. Depending on your study habits and requirement you can choose your type of class. The following is the explanation of the main types of preparatory classes.

  1. Online SAT Preparation Class

  2. This is one of the most useful gifts of technology. With the advent of internet, the concept of online teaching has come into existence. An online class is carried out through web sites that offer online teaching, discussions, practice tests etc. The web sites offer different courses and preparation plans according to the time available as well as the level of the candidate. Some of these courses can be joined for a payment of some money while some web sites offer free SAT classes.

    This type of a preparatory class is particularly beneficial since the students can learn and prepare at their own speed. They do not have to depend upon a group of other students and can manage at their own pace. On comparing the online preparation class to the traditional class, we can also say that online courses offer a flexible routine of studies. You do not have to stick to a particular plan and timetable. In fact, a student becomes independent to a great extent. Thus if there is something that you are confident about and do not require to study, you can skip it and prepare some other thing in its place. However, such independence is not provided in a class where a group of students have to study fixed things.

  3. SAT Coaching Class

    A SAT coaching class is considered the most convenient and approachable preparation classes. A coaching class offers different courses of different durations. There are detailed long courses for those who have enough time for preparation. Short crash courses are available for preparation just before the exam for those who have not been able to devote enough time towards preparation.

    The coaching classes are run by professionals whose guidance in the preparation can be a great help. With their experience, they become very familiar with the exam which can help in guiding the students. The tips and tricks of the exam given by them are practical and extremely helpful. Thus a plus point of attending these classes is that you can gain more than bookish knowledge.

    In a coaching class, due to a classroom set-up, there is competition amongst peers. This competition proves to be a motivation for the students to do better. This advantage is not found in the online test preparatory class.

  4. SAT Private Tutorials/SAT Group Tutorials

    A SAT preparation class can be conducted in a private place, like at home, where a student can be taught by a private tutor. Here, unlike coaching classes, the student can get personal attention of the tutor who can help him in identifying his mistakes and weaknesses.

    Private tutoring can be expensive as the tutors can demand a heavy fee. This can be reduced in a group tutorial. Here a small number of friends can get together for private tutorials. The idea behind this is to share the burden of the fees as well as introduce competitive environment.

Free SAT Class

With such a choice available to students, the only thing that one could probably wish for is a free SAT class. However, this is not a far-off idea. Free classes are a reality and many students are benefiting from them. There is just a need of awareness that is required to access these free classes.

As mentioned earlier there are a number of web sites that offer free registration to the SAT preparation courses. These web sites offer sample tests, preparation materials, preparation plans etc for free. Web sites like,, etc offer free test preparation.

Apart from the web sites you can benefit from free test preparation class camps conducted by the coaching institutes from time to time. These institutes conduct these camps to attract students and to advertise their different preparation strategies. However, you have to keep a track of such a camp being organized near your area to benefit from it.

These free preparatory classes are of a great benefit for those who are preparing for SAT all by themselves. It gives them exposure and they come to know about the latest trends. Thus, the opportunity of attending a free preparation class should not be wasted and the web sites should also be used to the fullest.

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