SAT Preparation Books

Are Test Prep Books Important?

Are you preparing for SAT? You have probably come across several books but not sure about which one will work best for SAT preparations. Good books are vital for the preparations of any exam and it is no different for SAT as well. There are several SAT preparation books that are available and widely used by students as a major tool for the preparations of SAT. The SAT is a very significant examination for all those students across the world, who are interested in pursuing college studies in the United States. SAT preparation books are useful for those students who are not comfortable with online study resources or do not have access to those. However, the books must be chosen with care as there are some books that are out-of date or others that contain faulty information. The books that are offered by College Board are often used by students and most reliable. However, there are other books that can be used by the students for the preparations of SAT. Nowadays, online courses for SAT are gaining popularity among the students because they are more convenient as the study materials are constantly upgraded. The students should therefore try to look for new editions as far as SAT preparation books are concerned.

Books Offered by College Board

The SAT tests are administered by College Board and the books that come from them are therefore trusted by all. The Official SAT Study Guide is very useful and comprises of ten official practice tests including three recent ones. The book contains a comprehensive account of all the three sections of SAT along with specimens of essays and questions related to essays. In addition to this book that is meant for the students, The Official SAT teacher’s Guide has been entirely designed for the teachers. This is a guide that includes lessons and activities covering all the three sections of SAT and helps the teachers to communicate to the students about the preparations for SAT so that they are able to have the right focus in getting good scores in SAT. SAT preparations books offered by College Board are most effective and assist the students for a solid preparation before they appear for SAT. The Official SAT Subject Tests Mathematics Level 1&2 help the students to find solutions to the questions of mathematics. The Official SAT Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests (2nd Edition) not only offers a comprehensive and up-to-date account of every subject test, but also consists of two audio CD’s for the Language and Listening tests.

Books from Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is another important source of SAT preparation books and the 2012 edition of their book Cracking the SAT (without DVD)comprises of five practice tests along with several other beneficial features covering all the SAT topics and the techniques of writing the essay. Followed by this is another book called 11 Practice Tests for SAT and PSAT (Edition 2012). In addition to the practice tests that it contains, this book also provides an account of the basic features of SAT and the scoring techniques and patterns. There is another edition of Cracking the SAT (with DVD) that features advice from the SAT experts and instructors and also consists of eight practice tests. Other books by Princeton Review include Crash course for SAT (4th Edition) that enables the students to have a quick look at the SAT exams along with practice questions and important facts about all the three sections of SAT. Similarly, the book titled Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT (2nd Edition) by Princeton Review covers questions and explanations with a focus on the reading and writing topics and the techniques of writing a perfect essay. Math Workout for the SAT (3rd Edition) provides great assistance to the students with the topics of mathematics and also focuses on the mistakes that are often made by students in this section.

Books from Kaplan

Kaplan is another important source of study materials for SAT and their book titled Kaplan SAT Premier Program that comes along with a CD ROM is highly beneficial for the students. This book contains lot of features that include ten practice tests and audio sessions that can be downloaded and also helps the students to track their progress. Kaplan has a lot of online SAT preparation books that are used by students to enhance their skills and knowledge about this exam and things to expect from SAT.


SAT preparation books are significant tools for the preparation for SAT and used by students in order to learn about the SAT exam as a whole and the practice questions that helps them to feel more confident on the day of the test. When it comes to preparations for SAT, there is nothing to beat the prep books that aids in achieving success in this exam.

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