SAT Prep Vocabulary

Why Is It Important to Prepare for SAT Vocabulary

How Is Vocabulary Important in SAT?

The SAT consists of ten sections, which are based on critical reading, math and writing. Among these, for the critical reading section and the essay writing section, you need a strong foundation in vocabulary in order to score well in these sections. Vocabulary plays a major role in sentence correction, paragraph improvement and in answering essay prompts. The Vocabulary also plays a major role in the fill-in-the-blanks questions of the SAT exam. In case, you are not sure about a word you can lose essential points in your SAT. While attempting the critical reading answers, which specifically evaluate your vocabulary, you cannot afford to disregard words from the options, simply because you do not know them. Therefore, in order to ignore such situations, you must have an undaunted base in vocabulary.

Without a steady and diverse knowledge in vocabulary, a test-taker cannot hope to score well in SAT and it is in this regard, the importance of SAT prep vocabulary becomes significant.

Why Should You Solidify Your SAT Vocabulary?

For obvious reasons, the SAT prep vocabulary becomes important to crack the SAT test as six out of ten sections in the SAT depend on your stronghold in vocabulary. Moreover, your knowledge in vocabulary will also ascertain your score in essay writing as the evaluators keep a strong watch over the usage of vocabulary in your essay. In the following sub-headings, there are some reasons why you should invest a considerable amount of time over SAT prep vocabulary:

  1. For the Critical Reading section:

    It is a fact that more than one-third of the Critical Reading section of the SAT depends on your hold in vocabulary. In the Critical Reading section of the SAT, there exist questions based on sentence completion, sentence correction and paragraph improvement questions, which test your vocabulary extensively. There will be passage-based questions, which evaluate your comprehending skills, which you cannot work out unless you have a strong base of vocabulary.

  2. For the Writing section:

    It is most important that you have abundant knowledge of vocabulary to score good in the Writing section of the SAT and even if you do have a diverse knowledge of vocabulary, you have to know how to apply them correctly in your passage. Therefore, in case you have weak vocabulary, you should indulge in SAT prep vocabulary to strengthen your word bank. Moreover, the computers, which are grading your essays, keeps a strong, look out for certain words and how well are you using them.

  3. For having a better position than the others:

    A unique advantage for SAT prep vocabulary is that, only because of your strong vocabulary, you get to be at a higher position than the other test-takers. Other test-takers might not give much importance to vocabulary and hence they might leave the tough questions from the Critical Reading and Writing sections. However, if you attempt these tough questions, you will score the crucial points in SAT, which others will miss. You will score more than the other students and will have an apparent benefit in the SAT test.

Where Would You Get Vocabulary for SAT?

There are many books and online sites where you can get a list of SAT prep vocabulary. The Kaplan, Barron, Princeton Review and other prep books contains exhaustive word lists, which are assorted from previous year’s SAT test and test papers. There are various sites like the Top 100 SAT word list of 800 and 100 Top SAT words which provide you lists of SAT words. Therefore, do not wait any longer and start preparing your vocabulary to conquer the Critical Reading and Writing section of the SAT.

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