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Best SAT Prep Tutors and Why They Are the Best

If you really want to score high in the SAT exam, first you have to choose the best SAT prep tutors who have the capability and dedication to show you the right path to success. Here are the details of some of the preeminent SAT prep tutors from the best SAT test prep courses available.

The Princeton Review’s Tutors

The Princeton Review’s SAT prep tutors provide customized tuitions that are based on your needs, goals, level of intelligence, learning style and schedule. Hence, the private tutoring test prep option of The Princeton Review is highly flexible.

The Princeton Review gives the option of choosing SAT prep tutors from among premier tutors, master tutors and private tutors.

  • Premier tutors: Premier tutors are the ones who are the most experienced (have accumulated over 1000 hours of tutoring experience) tutors who design prep books, prep courses and who train teachers.
  • Master tutors: Master tutors have about 500 hours of tutoring experience. They are very dedicated and talented tutors who provide tuitions to those students who have wide variety of learning needs and who really want to score high in the exam.
  • Private tutors: They are the most talented classroom instructors who provide private tuitions to students.

Qualities of SAT Prep Tutors

  • These SAT prep tutors offer the best training based on your needs and goals.
  • They provide test prep plans that are based on your specific needs.
  • These SAT prep tutors are goal oriented. They guarantee your success in the exam or else return your fees.
  • They provide flexible teaching options. You can opt either for in-person tuition or for web-based teaching.
  • Your tutor will always motivate you to score high in the SAT exam.

Kaplan Test Prep Tutors

Kaplan provides you with the facility of premier tutors who go under exhaustive training programs before providing tuitions to students.

Kaplan’s Premier Tuitions

They offer premier tuitions, which include one to one tutoring according to your pace of learning and, your needs and goals.

This customized test prep has several options to choose from:

  • Masters program which is offered with a total of 32 hours (16 lessons with 2 hours allocated to each of them) and with 4-6 practice tests.
  • Honors program which is offered with a total of 26 hours (13 lessons with 2 hours allocated to each of them) and with 3-6 practice tests.
  • Review program which is offered with a total of 20 hours (10 lessons with 2 hours allocated to each of them) and with 3-6 practice tests.

You can choose a program according to your convenience.

Kaplan’s Small Group Tuitions

The SAT prep tutors impart instructions in a group of 3-4 students who are of the same level of intelligence. You can get the benefit of discussing topics with tutors as well as with peers.

With the help of Kaplan’s improved software, viz Smart Track and Smart Report technology the tutors keep track of your performance throughout the test preparation period and report to your parents about your improvements.

Yale Tutors

Yale tutors provide tutoring services for various exams viz SAT ACT, GRE, and GMAT etc. This organization began functioning in the year 2000.

Requisite Qualities in SAT Prep Tutors Are as Follows

  • A tutor must have achieved 99th percentile score in the SAT exam.
  • A tutor must have passed Yale’s own SAT test and a teaching test.
  • SAT prep tutors must have a record of academic excellence and personal achievements.
  • A tutor should get good feedback from students and must show their efficiency through students’ gradual improvement.

How Do Tutors Serve?

Yale tutors provide in-home tutoring services to students. They travel across greater New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC in United States. To get more information regarding the Yale tutors you can refer to their website

Lastly, SAT prep tutors are very talented, well-experienced, dedicated and successful instructors who guide you towards your goal of scoring high in the SAT exam. Most SAT prep companies provide you the option of a variety of tutors. However, there should be a perfect match between you and your tutor, and then only you can achieve your goal.

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