SAT Prep Class

How to Select a SAT Prep Class

SAT is a globally recognized test used by colleges in the United States for admissions. In SAT, you are tested in three main areas- critical reading, math and writing. College Board (the organization that conducts SAT) has chosen these three areas based on the fact that they are the basics for all students irrespective of their academic backgrounds.

Why to Join

There are several reasons why you should seriously consider joining a SAT prep class-

  • You get lots of materials for proper preparation
  • A proper schedule will help you prepare daily
  • Expert advice and opinions on your preparation and performance related issues
  • Mock tests help you assess yourself at every stage
  • Several other tools are available that help you in each aspect of your preparation

How to Choose

There are hundreds of SAT prep classes available online as well as offline. The important question is “How to choose?” Some of the major parameters you need to consider while choosing a SAT prep class are given below

  • Read some reviews about the classes on the internet or find out from seniors.
  • Have a look at the quality of materials that they provide or the mock tests that they administer. This will give you an excellent idea of the level of the institute.
  • Get a feedback on the quality of tutors and their experience in SAT training. This is the most important aspect you need to look at. A good tutor will make all the difference between an average score and an excellent score.
  • Get some data on the results that they have produced over the last few years. A good institute will definitely have some great results to show. However, if you are thinking of joining a relatively new institute, this parameter can be overlooked.
  • A SAT prep class is essentially defined by the variety of tools that it offers. You should always consider the different resources while making your decision.

A SAT prep class is the first step towards your college admission. This will help you a lot in your subject tests as well. You will find that self preparation will take you up to an average score but to get an edge over your competitors, you need a SAT prep class. Here are some of the most famous SAT prep classes available.

College Board

It is the organization that conducts SAT. It also provides the best SAT prep class at a marginal cost. Some of the features are given below

  • All the official SAT preparation guides are available at These are undoubtedly the best books on both SAT and SAT subject tests. These come with answers, explanations and online help.
  • The “Official SAT Online Course” is a diverse tool ranging from interactive sessions to mock tests. It is available 24/7 and you can register for it while registering for SAT.
  • The “SAT Study Plan” will give you a detailed outline on how you should prepare depending upon your test schedule and subject.
  • The “Official SAT Question of The Day” will give you a sample question daily and lets you practice more questions of that type.
  • The “SAT Skills Insight” option lets you choose a score band and skill level in order to test yourself. This will help you in assessing the difficulty levels you are comfortable with.
  • Apart from these, there are other tools like “Answers Imagined” and “My College Quick Start” that help you in various aspects of your preparation.

Some of these resources can be availed by simply registering at the site given above.

Princeton Review

A variety of programs are available to choose from; these include private tutoring, small group instruction, ultimate courses, classroom courses, online courses and SAT live online. The Princeton Review also provides a variety of books on SAT. Overall, Princeton gives a decent program and you should consider joining it if you are looking for anything apart from College Board. For more details, you can visit


You can just sign up on to get a free trail. Even if you don’t plan on joining the course, you should try the trail version. It comes with complete online classes available 24/7. The duration of these courses varies from a few weeks to a year so you can decide depending on your convenience. For more details on this course, you can visit the above site.

These are the main institutes for SAT preparation. There are others like Kaplan and Manhattan Review that offer decent programs. One thing you should remember is that no matter which institute you choose, you should first sign up on the College Board site because this will give you the official view on SAT and along with this, you can prepare from anywhere else. All the best!!

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