Any of the aptitude tests like SAT need proper planning and sincere efforts. To be successful in achieving your desired score and to get admission to your dream university, all that you need is a good SAT prep book. A SAT prep book plays an important role in your preparation. A good SAT prep book can guide you in each and every aspect of the test. It will explain you the SAT test pattern which is very important to start your test preparation. There are lots of SAT prep books available in the market as well as online, but selecting a good book is a little difficult. This article will guide you in what to expect from any SAT prep book. We will also bring out the important things that one should look for before buying any prep book.

Where Can I Find Information About a SAT prep book?

The internet is the best place to look for all kinds of SAT prep books. You will find numerous web sites that advertise about SAT prep books. One has to just type SAT prep book in the search option of his browser to get a list of all such web sites. You will find e-shopping web sites like that advertise bestsellers for SAT preparation. You will also find web sites that offer online SAT courses. These web sites present their own SAT prep books. These books are very good and contain comprehensive study materials. Some of these web sites are mentioned below:

Apart from these, we recommend you to check the official web site of SAT i.e. for SAT prep books. Feedbacks from the previous SAT candidates suggest that the SAT prep books prepared by the College Board are very good and highly appreciated. The SAT prep books offered by the College Board are listed below:

The Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests

Almost all the web sites offer you SAT prep books in paper as well as soft copy format. It is up to you which format you are comfortable with. Most of the students prefer the paper copy of the study guides. This way you can study anywhere you want. One can purchase these books by payment through credit cards.

SAT prep book scan be found at every prominent book store. You may even find SAT prep books in your school or college libraries.

How do I Select a SAT Prep Book?

SAT is an aptitude test and is not a test of your memory. It is not a test of your undergraduate GPA. Instead, it is a test of your skills to process the given information as quickly as possible and to come at a correct conclusion with the help of your reasoning abilities. Therefore, the syllabus of SAT is standard and thus needs a very systematic and standardized approach. Once you know this, it becomes easy to find a good SAT prep book. It is always advisable to take a feedback from your friends who have already appeared for the test. From the contents of the books you can find out whether they cover the syllabus in adequate details or not. You can even compare what is new in SAT prep book. Apart from the syllabus the SAT prep book must contain enough practice questions for you. The more you practice the better you will be prepared. For better preparation one must practice taking mock tests. Therefore, your SAT prep book must have enough sample question papers in it. All new SAT prep books include around six to eight question papers. Buying a new SAT prep book is always advisable as it includes the latest pattern of the exam. Any good new SAT prep book includes explanations to every answer. This way you come to know the rationale behind a correct answer. Therefore, to summarize, one must buy a new SAT prep book that covers the syllabus in adequate detail and provides you with enough sample question papers along with explanations to the correct answers.

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