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Reading Section

This section contains sentence completion questions and passage based questions. It is a 70 minutes long test, which is divided into sub sections of 25, 25 and 20 minutes.

Tips for Sentence completion

These questions are filling in the blanks type of questions. You are given multiple choices from where you should pick up the best answer that suits the question. Consider all the choices given to you in relevance to the sentence and reason out the answer. SAT prep for such questions also requires a strong knowledge of the language. While preparing, try to reason out the choices available. Use logic and critical elimination.

Tips for Passage based reading

This is the usual comprehension which you must have done a number of times in your lower classes. However, this is not a lower class that you have cleared. You should not take it lightly and ignore SAT prep for this section. You should practice as many passage based questions as possible. Since it is time bound you must not waste time on reading the whole passage again and again. Try out the method that suits you best. To avoid wasting time, you can try giving a brief look at the passage to find out the basic idea written in it. Mark the important facts and words mentioned. Read the questions that follow and then look for the answers in the passage. If you have understood the passage with the brief reading, you can find out where exactly to look for the answer. But also be careful of the content. The passage based questions need to be answered in context of the passage. Thus SAT prep for such questions will need practice to get perfection.

SAT prep here requires a lot of reading. There are no short cuts. You need to have a habit of reading something everyday. That will keep you in touch and updated. Try to sharpen your ability to critically analyze the logic behind sentences. That way it will be easier to find out errors.

Mathematics Section

This section is again a 70 minutes long section, further divided into 3 sections, the sections being of 25, 25 and 20 minutes respectively. You need to have basic knowledge of algebra and functions, geometry, statistics, data analysis etc.

Tips for preparation

The best way of SAT prep for mathematics is to practice a lot of sample questions. That will give you a flow and improve your thinking as well as speed.

You have multiple choice type questions and also grid-ins. Grid-ins are questions where a grid is formed and you will have to fill in the answer in the grid. There will be no choices given and you will have to work out the solution. This requires a lot of thinking and logic.

You must work out the problem in rough in order to refer back to it. If you have done enough SAT prep with solving sample questions, it should not take you very long to come to the solution. Keep the books that you have read in your lower classes as reference material and go through it for SAT prep.

Preparation Strategies

SAT prep should be planned. Thus you need to fix a routine before the test and give fixed time to prepare for it. Make a timetable and stick to it. This will help you to devote required time and also keep your SAT prep systematic.

There is a lot of reference material available in the market in form of books and software. Choose the one that suits you best. Don't pile up everything on your desk, rather select all the good materials for SAT prep and study it thoroughly. Try to identify your weaknesses and choose the SAT prep study material to overcome these shortcomings.

There are coaching centers with qualified professional who can guide you in proper direction for SAT prep. Here you can get personal attention and guidance from experienced staff. You can also gain from their experience and learn from fellow students.

You can look up web sites, which offer free online coaching. It is a good idea to solve sample question papers and practice them regularly. They are also available online. Also you can join online practice sessions where online help is available 24 hours.

Having done your SAT prep, you can face the test with confidence and also succeed with flying colors. A few months of planned hard work will surely give you results.

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